Keeping the ball down

I have coached Babe Ruth for numerous years and am now
coaching at

the high school level, working mainly with pitchers. My question is
“Do you have any drills or advice on how to work with pitchers on
the ball down.” I emphasize location, location, and predominately
down and
on the corners, but my pitchers seem to struggle. Any advice you may
would be greatly appreciated

There are certain mechanical flaws that can cause high pitches. For example, balance and posture issues or opening up early can pull the release point back and raise it up resulting in pitches that are up. Look for these types of mechanical flaws and fix them and the pitches should take care of themselves.

One of the things my son has been taught, is to have the catcher come about 5 feet in front of the plate in the pen before the game, for about 10 or 15 pitches, this forces the perspective down and helps adjust his motion for keeping the ball down.

Have your pitchers focus the top of their strike zone on a batters belt.

Some times with summer leagues it can be that the mound is so very torn up and guys are landing in freaking craters. Ask the grounds crew (if there are any) to come out and fill them in.


Hitting the conrners and keeping the ball down are the most important thing in pitching. Practice practice practice is all i can say