Keeping Pitches Down

After using a number of different drills (back leg bend, collapsing the front knee, extending the stride, backside follow-through after maximum external rotation, extending the release point, etc.) with a couple of my pitchers, I’m still having trouble getting them to keep their pitches down in the strike zone.

They run & complete exercise drills daily (10 90’ sprints, 500 jump ropes, the day before they throw – 5 “field laps” only, followed by a complete analgesic cream rubdown of the throwing arm & shoulder (which is then wrapped) and no throwing the day after. They use exercise cords, “Jobe” weight (5 lbs) drills, 300 jump ropes, 100 “grip-squeezes” per hand, 10 minutes on the exercise bicycle & 10 90’ sprints on the other days) so their leg strength/arm strength doesn’t appear to be an issue.

Would appreciate hearing from any coaches/instructors out there who have experienced a similar problem and what drills or exercises they used to resolve it.


One thing that I always recommend as part of the bullpen process is to begin with the catcher at about 55’, this will force the pitcher to orient initially for downward delivery, have them do 5-10 until they feel comfortable and then have the catcher return to his normal spot. I learned this from Bob Shepherd at UNF, my son won’t start a pen now unless he goes through this.

I PM’d you with a response at some length - those responses that I’ve posted in the past relative to the question that you asked.

Coach B.