Keeping my weight back

I threw off a mound today and my friend noticed that I’m going towards the plate too quick and that I have to stay back longer so my throwing arm can catch up. What are some drills I can do to help me keep my weight back so I can get my arm up quicker?

Be careful that what your friend is reporting to you is, in fact, the cause of the problem and not the symptom. I’m always skeptical when I hear someone tell a pitcher he needs to “slow down” or “stay back”. Unless you’re talking about using a slide step and your lower body is just way too quick for your upper body, you probably need to make other adjustments to let your arm keep up. For example, maybe your hips and/or shoulders are opening up too soon. If that’s the case, then slowing down is probably the wrong answer.

Well he actually said that I’m going towards the plate before my arm can actually catch up. Hes not saying slow down, hes just sayin that I gotta keep my weight back so I can actually use my back leg for my power. This guy plays in college and hes a pitcher going into his junior year.

Keeping your weight back will slow you down. On the other hand, driving with your back leg can sometimes mess up your timing so that isn’t necessarily the answer either. But I can’t really comment further without seeing you.

oh sorry i ment to say keeping your weight back on the hand break

oh also, i didnt mean “too quick”, I ment too early.

get a video, we can see for sure if your doing this, friends can be incorrect a lot!