Keeping my eye on the ball! I need help!

When ever I am batting against a fast pitcher I always take my eye off the ball and end up striking out of getting out, I dont get hits, I think I turn away since i am afraid it will hit me, how can i fix this problom?

My son is only 10 so take this for what it’s worth. On the other hand he saw some pretty good pitching at travel ball, and had 11 k’s in over 200 at bats.

He’ll tell you he never watches the ball all the way to the bat. At what point he takes his eyes off the ball he can’t really say, just that he doesn’t watch the ball actually hit the bat.

Hell I’m not even sure it that is proper form or not (shows you what kind of a baseball dad I am) but it sure seems to work.

Well most people blink at the point of contact so you usually won’t see the ball actually hit the bat. Anyways though, teework is overlooked way too often, don’t just set it up where you can crush everything put it in areas you have trouble with and force yourself to watch the ball, take it into bp too, try to go the other way, wait a little longer and get in the habit of keeping your head in on the ball.