Keeping It All In Perspective


I know you want the best for your youngster. You want that special person in your life to succeed, do well and all that.

Step back sometimes and pause - just for the sake of the fun part in this game - one of the best times in a youngster’s life to enjoy you companionship, your interaction, being part of their growing experience.



Great stuff Coach B


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… All youth coaches should be required to watch one t-ball game each year. Really helps with perspective.


I wish I had to time to just open my lawn chair (the Mrs. bought me a beauty) and watch T-ball.

I see adults with a purpose that’s a pure joy to watch. Everyone pitches in and helps out, regardless
of who plays for who. Dads and granddads are my favorite. Always with the encouragement, helping
out, and so on.

The kids have a great time. They have literally no idea of which end is up, nor to they see the kids
across the field in different T-shirts as competitors. I love it when the base runners and the fielders
all run out to center field trying to get the ball at the same time.

Baseball in its proper settings can really bring out some of the best in folks - and that’s what our kids
should be seeing.


I had a kid who ran toward 3rd after hitting the ball. After being told he should have run to first he put his palm to his forehead and looked totally exasperated. Everyone busted out laughing.
Another funny story that might not have been funny. In our T-ball, an adult stands in front of the ‘pitcher’ until the ball is determined safe for the pitcher to field we step aside. Well, one kid determined he couldn’t see well enough and stepped out from behind me to get a better look. I don’t know why I stuck my hand out for the inevitable line drive, but I did. I caught the ball in my bare hand just inches from that kid’s nose. His eyes were as big as dinner plates and we’re locked in on the ball. He never budged. I got the loudest cheer of the day. This was 10 years ago and he still jokingly comes up to me and thanks me for saving his life.