Keeping a Constant Arm Angle?

Im having a problem keeping a constant arm angle which is trying to constantly throwin overhead… i keep throwing 3/4 which has not worked for me (too much sink) and im trying to always throw overhead. any tips? :shock:

Here’s my thinking on arm angle: Arm angle along with arm action in something that is natural. To optimize velocity and control, a pitcher should try and find their natural arm slot and work on it. Some pitchers will be straight over the top, some a 3/4. and some at sidearm.

As for you ditchinga 3/4 arm slot because you are getting “too much” sinking action is hard for me to swallow. There are pitchers that would kill to have movement on their fastball. Don’t be so quick to abandon that. Not only will that slot help with fastball movement, but will be more deceptive for the hitters.

If you are convinced that you have to change, come up with a mental cue to help you. For me, I was trying to get back to my low 3/4 arm slot, so I came up with the mental cue of “throw sidearm” and it got me back into my natural slot. Whatever works for you, stick with it, and work hard.

I agree with YoungMarianO. There’s no such thing as too much sink (unless once you release the ball, it goes straight to the ground). Just keep at it. Movement on the fastball is highly coveted, even at the MLB level. Don’t try to force your arm angle. If you do, once you’re in a game situation, that’s all you will be thinking about instead of your next pitch.