Keep throwing outside to righti handers

I dont know why I keep doing this, I just always seem to throw it low and outside to right handed hitters, and keep giving up walks. How can I work on preventing this so I can throw more inside, up in zone, low in the zone, and hell, even down the middle?

when i wana pitch inside i stay closed just a fraction more then let it rip!

try stayn closed!

I’ve had this same problem… I’ve found that throwing over the top more and making sure that my index and middle finger stay right on top of the ball works to keep it inside … if I don’t consiously try to stay on top of the ball, I naturally cut down toward third (I’m a right) at the point of relase… so you may, as I do at times, be throwing sliders without intending too… it can be maddening, I know.

This could be a mental issue - fear of hitting the batter. If so, you just have to convince yourself that it’s the batter’s job to get out of the way.

Otherwise, it does sound like you’re opening up too soon/much. To fix this, try getting to foot strike quicker by getting the hips going sooner/faster.

Check where your stride foot is pointing on landing. Stay closed.

Sounds to me like you may be trying to not hit the batter.

What you should be doing is locking in on the glove. You have to ignore the batter and just focus on the glove.