Keep Throwing High

I’m starting to get back into pitching and started the other night. For some reason I was consistently throwing high. I tried to lengthening my stride to get the ball down. This caused me to throw right at the knees, but the ball was drifting outside. I really need help on what I can do to fix my control problems.

make sure your bending your back and your back leg with your follow through. when i release it high its usually because im not bending.
also you might be landing on your heel which can cause your knee to lock up.
one other thing is to watch your release point and make sure that is working

Make sure that your elbow isn’t to far in front of your hand when you are throwing.

You’re hands are probably late

you can try gripping the ball a tad bit tighter(Not so much that it is like your changeup—if you have one)

if you are throwing low you can try loosining the grip.

most likely your draging your arm through late, do you fall off to one side of the mound, if so you may be opening up to soon, that will cause your arm to be late and your throw high

use the 2 ball drill. put a ball in the glove and squeeze it as your throw,
it will tense up the front side, this will help keep you from flying open. try and see if that helps