Keep throwin side-arm

I’m tryin to throw on top of the ball, but i keep throwing it side arm, and I cant seem to fix it. Are there anyways I can fix this problem?

We have this drill that is meant for that particular problem. First, you need two people. Second, have your partner stand behind you while you go into your wind-up and make sure that your partner has a baseball. Third, go through your wind-up BUT stop when your stride leg is lifted and ready to come down with your pitching arm held back and your glove arm crossed over or pointing towards home plate (Like a T-shape). While in this position, make sure that your middle and index fingers are above all others. Fourth, have your partner hand you the ball, making sure that your fingers are on top. And finally, come through with it and throw.

Or, if you can’t find a partner, find somewhere to throw against a wall of some sort. This requires only one person, being yourself of course. Go through your wind-up and stop exactly as before, with your leg lifted and your pitching arm outstretched towards second. Look back and if your two fingers are not on top, turn them until they are. Look back towards the spot where you’re throwing and come through with your delivery. I hope that helps a little.

Why do you think throwing sidearm is a problem?

Let me put it into better detail. It feels like my arm is dropping and it feels like I’m only using the arm/elbow. I want to get on top of the ball because I know that when I’ve gotten on top of the ball, I’ve thrown really well.

Alrighty, then. It sounds like this might be a good situation in which to apply the reverse progression method to get your arm slot up. You could start by practicing a down low finish and backing up from there. But I’m no expert on reverse progression stuff. Maybe DM will chime in here with some tips.

Maybe this is a problem of arm action and rotation…have you watched any video of yourself lately?? If you filmed yourself from behind, how is your elbow getting itself in a position to throw? If the hand is leading the way maybe that is the issue…let me know and maybe you can describe what is going on in the video and we can go from there…It also can be an issue with shoulder rotation and the timing issue between elbow set up and time for rotation…

Why do you think this is a problem?

It’s virtually impossible to stay on top of the ball while throwing sidearm. The way to get on top of the ball is to tilt the shoulders to raise the arm slot.

I just can’t see why you think throwing sidearm is a problem. My guess is, for you it’s a natural delivery, and what you would want to do is work on making the most of it. Many moons ago I had an incredible pitching coach whose basic tenet was that every pitcher has a natural motion, and what he did was to show that pitcher how to use it to best advantage and not mess wiith it. He taught me how to use both the short-arm and the long-arm motion, both of which he had picked up in his years with the Chicago White Sox, and he worked with me on the crossfire (a move that works only with the sidearm delivery) and helped me refine it.
One thing you might want to do is take a look at the grips you use for certain pitches and make any adjustments that might be needed. But don’t mess around with your delivery. 8)

I might be wrong but the term “getting on top of the ball” applies to all arm slots. I always thought it meant getting the fingers to go through the ball rather than sliding under like lazy throws can do. I never believed “on top” meant your arm slot needed to be three quarters or above. Just always remember to keep your fingers behind the ball and end your throw with them. We have a training aid floating around where its like a disc and it trains correct spin for curveballs and fastballs. Try picking one of those ones. Without getting on top of the ball it will not get the tight spin which allows for movement on your two seam. Lets just change it to…finishing through the ball?