Keep The Mask On!

In the fifth (5) inning of the Yankees Vs the Angels, #13 Alex Rodriguez blows a stop sign at third, steamrolls towards home where the Angels catcher is waiting for him, WITH HIS MASK ON.

Rodriguez tries to plow over the Angels catcher at the dish, but the backstop held on the ball … not to mention holding on to a full set of teeth.

Now I know a lot of you catchers don’t have much contact experience at the dish, and the vantage point without the helmet or mask is much better with it off - BUT DON’T, LEAVE THE HELMENT/MASK ON when covering the dish with runners coming home.

Besides, someday when you really make it - you’ll want to look real pretty when your picture sits atop a trading card with a nice smile and a full mouth full of choppers. … say cheese and smile for the birdie…

Coach B.

If you take the mask off, you might get hit in the face?!?!?!?!? WHy should you take it off?

Nah hes saying after the batter hits the ball or theres a foul ball or a bunt.

You want to take off the mask for a bunt so youcan actually see the ball and throw out the guy.