KC's Functional Strength Circuit #1

Alright, so I figured that I might as well post one of the personal routines that I put together since I comment on so many other workout programs here. This is a real butt kicking circuit- not something I would attempt to do more than twice a week. It is centered on the main areas that generate power: the legs, the core and the chest/ shoulders. This routine will build good explosive strength, as well as strength endurance, both of which are of primary importance in baseball (pitching especially).

When you first attempt this, I would suggest that you rest when needed. Go as fast or as slow as it takes for you to complete each exercise. Do each movement as quickly as possible. You will get lots of lactic acid built up, and your muscles will feel like they are on fire. Thats when you know you are "in the zone."
Equipment needed: medicine ball (5-10% of your bodyweight), a swiss ball, 5-10 lb dumbbells. *You might want a bucket… just in case :wink:

Okay, here it is:

Bodyweight Squats - 24 reps
Bodyweight Lunges- 24 reps (12 per leg)
Split jumps aka jumping lunges- 24 reps (12 per leg)
Jump Squats- 12 reps
Squat Thrust and Jump aka Burpees- 20 reps

Hands on Swiss ball pushups- 12 reps
Dumbbell Exercises, one after the other
Shoulder Press- 10 reps
Y Press- 10 reps
Rotational Shoulder Press- 10 reps
Curls- 10 reps
Lateral Raises- 10 reps
Reaching lunges (lunge + reach in front of lead foot with DB’s in each hand)- 5 reps per side
Side Lunges (again, bring DB’s to lead foot and back to starting position)- 5 reps per side
Rotational Lunges (Open Hip and step back, bring DB’s to back foot)- 5 reps per side
Reaching Lunges+Shoulder Press- 6 reps total
Side Lunges + Shoulder Press- 6 reps total
Rotational Lunges + Shoulder Press- 6 reps total

Knee Tucks on Swiss Ball- 20 reps
"Skiers" on the Swiss ball- 20 reps
Russian Twists with Medicine Ball- 20 reps

Crossover Pushups on Medicine Ball- 10 reps (5 per side)
One arm pushoffs (One hand on the med ball, other on the ground. Perform the pushup and explode through the movement, lifting the grounded hand about 6 inches off the ground)- 10 reps
Closegrip Pushups (both hands on the medicine ball)- 15 reps
Depth Jump Pushups (both hands on the ground, explode up and land with both on the med ball)- 5 reps

And that is it! If you can make it all the way through that- you are definitely a beast. I have been messing with different variations to the circuit, and always end up coming dangerously close to puking. You will definitely be sore the next day.

As I said in the beginning, this is all about functional strength and anaerobic conditioning. You will feel the lactic buildup and every muscle will be screaming. But, this is how you get serious explosiveness and power endurance. There is a saying that I like, and it applies well here. “If your training is ordinary, you will get ordinary results. If your training is extraordinary, then you will get extraordinary results.” That is what it is all about. If you want to bust that plateau, increase your velocity, increase your overall strength, then you need to branch out and try new things. This circuit is only the start of many things that I would like to try out.

One last thing- this circuit is based on the research and information provided by some top notch strength and conditioning people. Go check them out, and look into their books and DVD’s if you like this type of training- Rhadi Ferguson of IntoCombat
www.rosstraining.com]Ross Enamait of Rosstraining.com
, JC Santana of the Institute of Human Performance and [url=www.intocombat.com[/url]. These guys have some butt kicking stuff (which helped me out a lot).

Comments, complaints, questions, suggestions, etc. welcome.

Do you know of any good sprinting workouts? And I may have to try this workout someday! :slight_smile: where’s the motivated smiley at when you need it, lol.

Well, I have a few tips for leg workouts concernig sprints and the muscles used to sprint. Well a few good things to do for your legs are, play basket ball a few times a week with ankle weights. Your choice in weights. And do like a 20-25 sec full speed sprint and then jog for 40-50 sec and then repete untill about 5 minutes time elapses. Or you exauhst. Do this untill it adds up to 10-15min. These are very good for your legs. I do them all summer and winter and fall. You can up the intensity as you progress on your own.

Thanks whitesox, but I’m speaking more along the lines of specific sprinting workouts, like this:

I think I may try this out, or continue searching away.

Right now, I’m looking at this site:

Ok, but I don’t see how ths can build your legs up. You would be better of using free weights. Calf raises and lunges stuff like that. As far as getting faster you want muscle, not lean muscle. Lean muscle is for like distance runners. Does’t come that in handy when you really want to get up to speed fast and stay there. Just good for not tiring out easily. You want excercises that are going to strengthen your muscles, not tone them like I think the excercises on that page would, no offense. Just my opinion once again. Hope I can be of help. :slight_smile: Goodluck. Oh and the “shuttle run” is another good leg excercise for your legs. Do it in sets.

What? Anyways, I digress… The workout I posted up above is built off of the idea of being ‘explosive.’

I would be using something like this in correlation to a workout routine.

It’s not meant for distance runners, but for sprinters, specifically, as mentioned in the article, a guideline of exercises he uses to develop speed for 100 meter runners.

[quote]The following is a list of nine exercises that I use to help develop my central nervous system (CNS) and explosiveness. During sprinting, it is obviously very important for me to develop these areas. Even though I use these exercises just for the 100-meter dash, they can be very useful tools for any sporting event in which you want to improve.

The basic idea of these exercises is simple. Explode off the ground, and then once your foot/feet touch, explode again spending minimal amounts of time on the ground. Some of these exercises focus on how high you can go, some focus on how far you can go, and some just emphasize quickness from ground-to-ground contact.[/quote]

Yes true but exploding off of the ground is what you do once you gain muscle and are able to supply it to sprint, but simply getting your legs, body, feet, or foot is not going to give you enough muscle to run fast, all this is simply going to do is burn calories and mabey tone your muscles if you do it long enough. I would suggest free weights or plymetrics. Look at “Olympic sprinters” for example since you are on the subject. What do they do to practice or train? They do not do these silly “excercises” they sprint, sprint, sprint!!! And then they use free weights and some supplements in between to give their bodies what they are lacking with plenty of water. Kenny Loften, perhaps one of the fastest to join the MLB back in his prime used free weights in the gym and sprinted. And when he was not sprinting to get faster he was sprinting to catch the ball in center field. Also Ricky Henderson, one of the fastest as well had a simular workout routine as Loften. It depends on how you want to work you muscles and what for, but the only way to get power out of them is to lift and sprint.

[quote]Yes true but exploding off of the ground is what you do once you gain muscle and are able to supply it to sprint, but simply getting your legs, body, feet, or foot is not going to give you enough muscle to run fast, all this is simply going to do is burn calories and mabey tone your muscles if you do it long enough. I would suggest free weights or plymetrics. Look at “Olympic sprinters” for example since you are on the subject. What do they do to practice or train? They do not do these silly “excercises” they sprint, sprint, sprint!!![/quote] Ignorance is bliss my friend, ignorance is bliss… If you want to have an intelligent coversation about this, post up some articles that are explaining what you’re talking about. I, on the other hand, don’t have a first clue in what your first sentence reads, or signifies. What do olympic sprinters also do? They work on technique, correct? What do baseball players do? They also work on technique…To better utilizing there mind-muscle connection. Some of these “Silly Exercises” are principals based off of plyometric training! Better yet, some of these “silly exercises” are plyometric exercises. Are you not reading the article? What are you basing your knowledge on other then simply expressing your self through ignorance?

I could have easily ranted about the idea of using “ankle weights” to further increase speed, but decided not to. I simply said thank you, and hinted at something I would like to do or try out.

The best thing to do from here is to agree to disagree. Obviously my ideas of training differs from yours. Good day.

First of all I am not at all ignorant. I run a 4.4sec 40yd and I play basket ball which we do plymetrics and if you want some articles supporting my statements I will tyr to have them posted by morning. Baseball players and olympians practice their mechanics, not necessarily techniques. And I did not in any way go as far as to call you ignorant for believing in your excercises, I simply suggested why I thought they wouldn’t be benificiary. Atleast I didn’t say that you were ignorant. That is an ignorant statement. And a mind-muscle connection isn’t going to make you more explosive for your information. And atleast I have reaped benifits from my ankle weights, because they do work. Go read a litte bit about them. Nah I’ll just bring the information to you…Mabey I’ll drop a article on what real plymetrics are too. I was just trying to be helpful instead I was brutally flammed and mocked. There are many methods of traning that work, I was just trying to show you ideas and open up your eyes. You ask for help or suggestions yet you flame me for giving them to you. Don’t patronize me at all by saying all I did was say thank you blah blah blah blah blah… Atleast I have results from what I have done with my training and I was just trying to suggest something that I know works…goodbye.

You’d be surprised… Good day, and I’m glad to see that you have reaped the benefits from your training.

If you think ankle weights are a good idea, then you are really not speaking from any area of experience. Ankle weights are EXTREMELY counterproductive. You end up swinging the leg forward, and then the inertia of the weight controls the speed of the stride. It will not help you sprint faster, or make your legs any more powerful. On the contrary, it destroys your joints and hurts your running form. If you want to train sprinting with added weight, wear a weighted vest.

I’m not trying to be mean, but you have made many statements that force me to scratch my head. Lean muscle is not for sprinters, but for distance runners? I think you are referring to slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers, which is a horse of a different color. The article that barber posted is written by a former NCAA sprinter - it is a sprinter’s workout. I’m not quite sure which source you are speaking of when you say that olympic sprinters dont use explosive plyo programs like the one listed, because most high level runners do. In fact, these guys do loads of different things: plyos, weight lifting, and sprinting. It’s too bad that Mike doesnt post here much anymore. He worked as a strength coach for a high level university.

But, I digress. This thread was meant to show the type of workout I do, since I often try to offer advice here. If you guys want to indoctrinate the world in your own methods, start a new thread to argue the pro’s and con’s. If you have a comment about my routine, feel free to hash it out here.

I really like the routine from the BB.com site. I would try that maybe twice a week, maybe after a short bullpen session. Weave it in with the weightlifting split somewhere.

Good Luck (and stay civil :wink: ),

Actually if you use ankle weights incorrectly they can be counter productive. If you do the football type method like “tires” where you move your leg straight up and down then you are not swinging you leg to carry the weight. Only excercises that you move your legs straight up and down like jumping of what I mentioned above that ankle weights are good for. And yes I do think I know the pros and cons of sprint or speed traning. I run a 4.4 40 yard dash. Go time yourself and tell me what you time. And better yet than a weighted vest that may put strain on your back, I would recommend a parachute to sprint with. And I already mentioned that olympic sprinters use weights and sprinting besides plymetrics, you may have only got me wrong in one portion of my statement, that the above exercises in BB’s article aren’t helpful when trying to become faster. Running stairs are also good leg and calf exercises.

May I also suggest running in place while using ankle weights. Now how could ankle weights be counter productive if you know how to use them properly? If you are just going to go strap them on and then go do some sprints or jog then yes, I would say that it would be harmful. But if you do safe drills and start out at a reasonable weight according to your current physical strength and do some of the excercises with them above I don’t see how they can be harmful. Only if mis-used.

And may I note on the website below. Number 5 almost at the bottom of the page and I quote “Don’t try to carry out your regular running workouts while wearing ankle weights. If you do, you may increase your risk of injury.” Which is obvious. Which is why there is special workouts for when you decide to use them. The majority of injuries using ankle weights I’d say 85%-90%, were where the people using them were using them improperly.


And for your information I never said that olympic sprintes do not use plymetrics. Why would I say that and then turn around and suggest them.

And as I quote from this article about 1/4 down the page.


''Lifting with heavy weights will result in the greatest increase in speed and power."


This is also taken from the article above which is why I recommended sprints for a length of time and then jog/repete…ect…ect… here is the excerpt:

“Fast twitch muscle fibers actually have two subsets called type 2A and type 2B. Type 2A production is utilized between 25 and 89 seconds. Type 2B production is utilized from 0 to 24 seconds. (Please note that range times are approximate and dependent upon intensity.)”

If there is anything you else you need to support my opinions and statements just let me know. I did not mean to offend anybody by expressing my beliefs and/or opinions. I apologize. Feel free to IM me at KeenanB13 of E-mail me at: KeenanB13@aol.com

Thanks WhiteSox101 :wink:

4.4 40 yd. dash, eh? See you in the NFL some day?

No, I do not play foot ball. My hand is messed up and I am not allowed to play. I have 4 screws and a titanium plate in my right hand. My doctor will not release me to play rough sports or box, stuff like that. I could post a couple pics if you want. I wish though. Baseball is it for me, with the ocassional day in gym where I just shoot hoops. I steal alot of bases though. I am 5’11’’ 166lbs. Average-small build. :slight_smile: