KC's Functional Strength #3

Alright, here is the next installment of the strength program.

Warm Ups
Jumping Jacks - 25 reps
Arm Circles - 25 clockwise, 25 counter
Squat Thrusts - 20

Working Sets
Pull Ups - 3 sets (each set til failure)
Weighted Lateral Rotations (can be done with the convert-a-ball

, using a cable station, or even with strength tubing/ therabands) - 3x15
Full Cleans

  • 3x8
    One Arm Pushoffs (cant find video, so I’ll explain. You put a med ball under one hand, other hand on the ground. Go down like a normal pushup, but you finish the move by “pushing off” with the hand on the med ball and the ground hand should be about 6 inches off the ground) - 3x10 (10reps per side equals one set)Romanian Deadlifts
  • 3x12
    Jump Squats (bodyweight) - 3x15
    Push Press
  • 4x6

Cool Down

This would probably work really well on a short rest day, like 30-45 seconds, so you can flow from each exercise to the next. Again, some exercises might not agree with your body (like the Barbaccios in the other program) so try it out light and work from there. I really like the Olympic variations that I use here, especially the Full Cleans and the Push Press. Both will absolutely blitz the core while also targetting the major muscle groups. Really effective lifts for people with time constraints.

One more note, watch your form first and foremost. Dont try to go beyond your limits with these types of lifts, it can get interesting :roll: I have been there and you definitely to not want to lose control of a heavy barbell.

I think the Romanian deadlift is very hazardous to the back. I would wear a weight belt if you are seriously going to do this.

Nope. If you use a weight that you can handle, then your back will be fine. Also, wearing a belt weakens the stabilizing muscles in the core/ back and will lead to more injuries. The only time you should wear a belt is if you are maxing with extremely heavy weights.

Just wondering, how do you figure that the RDL is hazardous?

Just saying a less than perfect form could lead to alot of back strain. That’s all. Not saying it was bad. Could be good if done correctly. I have never did them…but…mabey one day.

It’s all about SUMO DEADLIFTS!!! lol

As far as the belt is concerned, I believe I made a thread about it a long time ago, but since were talking about it now, I do not encourage its use.

If you’re maxing out, give it a try, but not unless you’re using an astronimical amount of weight, I don’t see the need for it, imo.

Mike Griffin’s post on belt use:

From my understanding, cleans do a good job hitting the shoulders; why not put more emphasis on that exercise at the beginning of the workout, then maybe ending with pullups?

Full Cleans:
One arm push off:
Jump Squat:
Push press:
Pull up:

Rotator cuff work done afterwards, or before hand. I usually do some shoulder work during my warm up to better prepare myself for my workout.

It’s up to preference. For me, my first couple lifts are more static, then working up to the more difficult and dynamic stuff. Full cleans are tough lifts, so I like having them in the middle of the workout. Maybe it is mental, but I need to be psyched up to pump out a good set of those. Pullups dont demand that type of absolute focus for me (and I cant drop a very heavy barbell on myself if pullups go awry :wink: ).

I’d probably space out the jump squats and deadlifts though, unless you are a glutton for punishment. It’s up to you.

Since the mind-rape of finals, I am still in a busy/ non-thinking state. I am trying to get #4 all laid out and posted, but I also dont want to do anything subpar. I’ll start working diligently, and hopefully I should have something for everyone by the New Years… -ish :wink:

Merry Christmas :smiley:

Someone pm’ed me about where to find some of the fullbody workouts on this subforum. Bumping is easier than linking 8)

I got a question on rep speed, how fast should u do each exeercise? I know that u should do the explosive exercises as fast as possible to get it up, but what about the lateral rotations and other exercises?

Depends what you are using for lateral rotations. With a convert-a-ball, it is very fast. You can go up next to a wall and slam the ball from side to side or sit on the ground and go side to side there as well. Cable and bands you need to go with speed and power, but you also need to stay in control the whole time. You do not want to lose form, or to have the weight/ band come flying back on the reverse of the movement and hurt yourself. Obviously, the better shape you are in, the faster you will be able to go.

Pullups- start from a full hang and get yourself up as quickly as possible. Hold for maybe a half second at the top and lower yourself down slowly back to start position.

The other lifts are basically the same thing. You want to explode through the power aspect of the move (the push to lockout on the push press, for example), then you make a controlled move back to the start point. For the jump squat, you lower down (should be a 3 count) to your stopping point - could be parallel to the ground or butt to heels- and then explode into the air. The one arm pushoffs should look like clap pushups.

Let me know if you have any other questions.