KC's Functional Strength #2

Alright, something a bit more conventional than #1. Using multiple sets of exercises and also using 40 seconds of rest between sets. I’ll try to include links to exercises that are unusual.

Warm Ups
Jump Rope - 5 minutes

Working Sets

Cool Down
Jump Rope or Shadow Boxing - 5 minutes
Full Body Streching

Pretty basic fullbody, but still different from a bodybuilding workout. It does straddle the line between being completely based on olympic style lifts, but most do focus on explosiveness in everything that you do.

One thing to be careful with is the one armed snatch exercise. Start with a low weight and work up. If you lose control of the weight, this can be dangerous and potentially painful. Same goes with the Barbaccios, start low and work up.

The entire workout should take about 45 minutes from start to finish. Hopefully you are nice and sore at the end :twisted: As always, questions or comments, fire away.


Nothing wrong with stretching, but I heard somewhere can’t remember that if you stretch too much and become to flexible it can cut into your velocity. Might want to factor how much stretching you do and how intense. Otherwise sounds pretty good.

Yeah, I think I mentioned that to you on one of the other threads. But in this case it is post workout just to relax the muscles and lengthen the fibers while everything is still warm. It wouldnt hurt your velocity or strength.

KC, would you be interested in helping me out with a routine? I would really like to try something out like this, and may look into doing full body routines starting this week.

Also, what are your thoughts on Barbaccios and the effects it may have on damaging the rotator cuff? Have you performed the exercise before, if so, what kind of results have you seen? I’ve been doing some research on it.

Ross’s training techniques are pretty awesome to say the least; first time I’ve actually read up on him; I may have to start incorporating some of his exercises into my routine. I’m going to try out the routine you posted later today, and I’ll report the results later on in the week.

The one thing I’m a little worried about are Barbaccios due to the amount of strain it may have on ones joints/ligements, and I’m definitely not looking to injure my rotator cuff.

What others should note if they’ve looked at the video, and whether or not you decide to try it out; the lifter benches 600 plus shirted, but yet he is only using 135 lbs to do the exercise.

Also, steve, if you read this, what are your thoughts on the 1 arm db snatch? Have you ever done this while training, or seen any of the players you played with do this exercise?

When I was messing around with Barbaccios, I started with just the bar (45) and added a couple tens to each side. It probably wouldnt be too difficult to go with more weight, but I didnt want to push things and injure something. I think it is a good explosive complement to rows. But, to answer your question, I never felt any strain on my shoulder. Try it with low weight to see if it’s good for you.

Ross is probably my favorite strength guru, and one of the first guys I started reading up on. He has a really different view of what strength really means, much of that based on Soviet writers that trained the Olympic teams in the 60’s-80’s. He also realizes the big difference between static strength and functional strength, something that I neglected for a long time. One thing I never thought of before would be the bodyweight squats. It is really humbling to go from leg pressing 600-700 pounds then realize that you cant do 30 bodyweight squats. It absolutely kills your quads and hamstrings (butt to ankles, of course).

Anyway, if you are interested in a full body workout, keep checking here. I am still formulating some things out, making a plan of attack for my own lifting program for the next few months. I recognized that the #1 circuit I posted would be pretty hard for most people, so I’m trying to keep it a bit more “conventional” for stuff you can do in a normal gym. Hopefully there should be 3 of the conventional workouts that you could do 3 times a week, and I’ll post a couple of the butt kicking circuits that people can use as plateau breakers.

Awesome, yeah, I did about 40 bw squats yesterday during by run, as well as bw walking lunges. For bw squats, I usually do 10 reps per set.

But yeah, I’ll definitely keep an out for future posts from you. I really want to start straying away from the traditional lifting style, and get more into functional, explosive exercises! I think it could be fun to do, and the results may prove to be a worthwhile. :slight_smile: