hey kc how old are you and have you ever tried to get back into baseball. if u tried i figured u would do good because you know so much and anyway how old are you
i was just wondering?

Still have messed up knees from football, so even though I really love baseball, I just can’t play without lots of pain (not much cartilidge left in my right knee).

I do enjoy coaching (football and baseball) so that is a good way for me to stay connected to the sport and pass on some knowledge.

if your knees every recovered fully would you at least try

Cartilidge doesn’t grow back. I would have to get surgery to take cartilidge from a cadaver and have it attached to my knee. After that would be months of rehab followed by more strength training to get back to pre-surgery levels.

To be honest, I really dont think I would want to put my current training on hold (mma/BJJ) for 4-6 months.

Last I heard you talkin KC you were doing some martial arts stuff…that can’t go too easy on the knees, how is it working out for you?

Training is going good. I haven’t had a problem with my knees yet, mostly because of the style of fight training. We dont do alot of running, and if we do it is on a mat, so there is less impact on the knees. There have been a couple of sketchy moments getting my legs tied up when falling or being caught in an awkward position, but no bad pops. First competition is this weekend, wish me luck.

KC kick some ass!!!
My son was involved in Tae Qwan Do up until he was 13 (2nd degree BB)
ended up as the Ga. State Champion and runner up to State Champion in Fla.