Kansas City, Omaha area colleges?

Hey does anyone know of a good college in the Kansas City or Omaha area with a decent baseball team and that has an engineering major??

Univeristy of Nebraska Omaha Bob Herold is the head coach…good baseball program with an engineering school

iowa western in council bluffs has a good juco system, 2 year, but you can trasfer after those 2 years, then take your school stuff

Hey thanks, I was looking at UNO a little while ago, I just wasn’t sure how good their program was. And do you guys know anything about how good Minnesota State is?

I think they finished sixth in there national tourney. that’s pretty good. great coach in Herold straight shooter no bullsh t. not good enough he will tell you. good program d- 2.

Dear Reese,

We have a lot of quaility baseball programs in the area other than DI Creighton and University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Division II:

University of Nebraska-Omaha


Bellevue Unversity
Midland Luthern College
Dana College

All of these colleges produced professional players in 2006. Each of these schools have legit coaches, who have developed a lot of talent within their own program. If you are going to be in the area, check this places out!

Good Luck,

Coach Kreber [/b]