Kamaraz's quest to a healed arm

I thought I’d start a personal pitching log as I try to see progress in my arm healing.

I injured myself April 22nd of 2007, today is May 13th, 2008. My arm still feels weak and can not throw 100% velocity.

its about 10 minutes later, my arm isn’t feeling very well. I hope I can play high school baseball.

I have a baseball game tonight. playing 3rd liek I have been for the lsat year, arm doesn’t feel that great.

felt a little better today. had practice with highschool coach, been icing it alot lately. can’t tell if its helping or not :frowning:

its been awhile… but yeah got it checked out by a doctor. I HAVE TO GO TO PHYSICAL THERAPY 2 TIMES A WEEK FOR NEXT 4 MONTHS! im actually looking forward to it :slight_smile: supposedly my injury healed up and my arm is just weak.