This is just crazy

Thats pretty far down he falls on his follow through, id say that the last one hes at about 55-60 degrees while most people are straight up with their back just bent over forwards.

what ramifications does this have in your opinion?

I personally love his follow through.

Why do you love his follow through? It looks cool but it almost seems like trying to do that would throw you off and make you throw wide left in his case.

beautiful indicator of rotation.

I’m with Ben 100% falling towards 1st is a sign of be rotational (as opposed to Linear, aka Prior and Maddux)

Yet he still is one of the best if not the best closers in baseball.
So no matter how many degrees his follow through is or how crazy his mechanics are, he still gets the job done.

True, true, and true, but Matt when you said Maddux it brought the whole “pitchers have to play defense” into discussion. Granted he doesn’t throw as hard as K-Rod, but he does set his feet and is able to win a ton of Gold Gloves, unlike K-Rod. However, Matt and Lefty are both right about the rotational aspect of his mechanics. (Although I do believe he’s a bit over-the-top.)

I don’t really know KRod’s style of pitching, but I doubt he pitches to contact, as a closer. He’s falling off thinking there’s no way that wood gets on this ball. Good mentality for a closer, but in the end a comebacker can turn into a game winning base hit.

Does anyone have a pic of Bob Gibson?

I believe he had even more tilt than that. :shock:

well, i dont think closers are made for fielding the pitch 2 innings at the most,
but starters yeah.
if someone falls off like that theres a problem because you have to be a pitchers and field for 6 innings plus. not a big problem but you can risk a few hits up the middle unless you have an exelent middle infield.

in the end it’s more important to focus on making a good pitch and not worrying about the follow through too much. Maddux is the exception because he is a strategist; a pure baseball genius. He knows that trying to land in a good fielding position will lose him velocity, but he can get away with it because his control and gameplan is just that good.

Tell 100 kids to focus on getting in a good fielding position, i’d be willing to bet 99 out of 100 will sacrifice 3-5+ mph and put less intent into making a good pitch. In the end this cue will come back to hurt you, even if every few games a comebacker does get by you.

[quote=“Bakersdozen”]Does anyone have a pic of Bob Gibson?

I believe he had even more tilt than that. :shock:[/quote]

Heres some pics of Bob Gibson

yeah. im with lankylefty.
i also think your mechanics should be whatever is most comfortable with you and at the same time have em in a way you will get the job done like Krod.
im sure you guys think that he doesnt have any balance or a good fielding position, but hey he gets the job done and hes pitching in the big leagues.