K-Ballers ONLY ( I Mean It)

I think k-ballers rule And I glad I throw one see us K-ballers must stick together :smiley:

You are either very very good or very very bad.


i dont throw one lol but ya we need to stick together

you remind me of ThrowingSomeHeat boy glad he’s gone

Except this one is funnier

Alot funnier.

You should not call yourself a k-baller, but instead call yourself a pitcher who happens to throw a k-ball (or at least thinks he can).

Remember a knuckleball won’t make up for bad pitching you have to be a good pitcher anyways.

k-ballers= junkballers

Not necessarily true

Not necessarily true[/quote]

Are there any flamethrowing k-ballers?

He thought you meant junk as in crap.

Junk I believe is only the stuff you don’t practice but say you throw. So in this case I don’t know for sure because I don’t know if he’s really practicing the floater or if it is that he wants to call himself a k-baller to be different.

I throw a knuckleball but I don’t call myself a k-baller. It is my favorite pitch and I have a decent fastball (a few mph ahead of Wake now lol) and a decent curve.

See if I went trying to throw a cutter or splitter in a game out of nowhere I would be a junkballer.

OMG after i WROTE THIS I WROTE IN “thinking ABOUT IT (K-Ball)” I said " I chose not to throw one"

No butterfly?

Dang I wanted to talk to someone about the dancer.

Chat Room buddah!

I’m in school, I probably shouldn’t even be on the forums right now, Business Law is boring though lol.

In about 5 minutes when I go home I will try to get on though.

I’ll be looking for ya bro

I do the same in INTRO TO AUTOCAD already have 99 in that class, to easy :lol:

Heck sometimes I do it in 1st hour English. :roadkill: