any tips i want to learn a k-ball . I’ve been working on it and it has movement even though it still has some spin

I’d suggest working on your change-up instead. If you can throw your change-up for strikes on the corners, you’ll have a devastating pitch when sequenced properly with your fastball.

my knuckler is pretty sick…and it has movement even though it has rotation.
sometimes a lil rotation is better cuz the seams catch the wind and make it move. so just work on getting it to move

ur only 12 right? a knuckleball has to be thrown around 60mph for it to move like a true knuckleball. speeds lower than that the ball will just drop because of lack of speed. work on the changeup which when thrown properly is better than a curve that breaks 4 ft.

Work on your change-up no point in learning a knuckle. Some might argue this maby 1 or 2 people but my coach said when he pitched in college he thew a knuckle instead of a change-up becuase he siad when he was younger he never wanted to throw it and he said he regrets not having a change-up. You should really develop your change-up. Forget the knuckleball then work on a brekaing pitch when your older.

ok thank you i will work on my 4 seam 2 seam and change

Just wondering for personal interest. What does it do? How do you grip it?

Its sorta like a change up but instead of putting fricktion on it you let it roll off the top of your fingers while following through

everyone should have a perfected change up

Remember that most knuckle ball pitchers are that -first and foremost. The last movement on the knuckler is what makes it so very hard to hit and catch.

As soon as the batter sees it come out with no spin, he knows what it is. Not so the changeup. Mario Soto said his looked exactly like his fastball.This is what you want for a change up.

If you want to be a knuckleballer fine, but I would not use the knuckler for a change up, and I am a big fan of the flutter ball…

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Adam I can help you with the K-Ball, send me a PM for tips.

Also visit www.knuckleballhq.com it really can be useful, the main thing is that a change-up is easier to learn but if you really want to work hard on the knuckler it can be a great tool.

Btw: 50mph=movement on knuckleball.