JV pitcher uses no leg lift

I saw this kid this week and decided to take a quick video in about the 3rd inning. I thought I’d throw this one up here for people to comment on. This pitcher has above average velocity (15 years old) and has no leg lift. He was mostly just throwing the ball by the hitters and buckling their knees with a hard 2-8 curve. 7 inning complete game 9-1 win with 2 walks, 8 Ks, 4 hits.

I’d say with more aggressive front hip movement it could speed up his delivery and improve what seems to already be a decent stride length.

If you pause the video at the right points , he has 180 degree external rotation (forearm is horizontal) and his elbow appears to be along the acromial (shoulder) line. His arm action is smooth with a good release point and follow through. The pitch following the pulled foul ball is a curveball. You can see a bit of a difference in the arm motion on that one.

He’s a bit low during upper body rotation and not fully getting up over his plant leg. This is possibly due to a late dip to the glove side as the arm is coming forward.

Anyone else see anything?

If he’s using a no-windup delivery a la Don Larsen, there’s nothing wrong with it. I would suggest that he make use of the “Hershiser” drill to get his hips more involved—a key component of what I call “The Secret”—which would speed up his delivery. He seems to be a natural sidearmer who uses a slide-step (as I used to do)—so I wouldn’t change a thing, other than the suggested drill.

Looks like he’s been trying to copy some of the Dick Mills videos on youtube.

No other comments? So, tell his parents to make a recruiting video and start sending it out? :wink:

Well, I have never seen a mlb pitcher with no leg lift so…

Fernando Rodney throws 100 mph with no leg lift.

haha i thought thats what you wanted someone to say haha