justin masterson

any clips on him. espcially a slow mo would be nice but whatever i just want to see his arm action

i dont like masterson
with his height i seems he should be able to get more velocity from a higher arm angle

plus he play for the bloody socks

The pitcher doesn’t chose the arm angle. The arm angle is natural. Take a ball, throw it as hard as you can. That’s your arm angle. Some have naturally lower one, like Masterson. Some pitchers (I’ve seen Zambrano do it) will drop down for a pitch every now and then but it’s for break.

Do you honestly think if he threw from a higher slot he’d get more speed? I’d bet he’d be under 90, get injured and have no control.

There’s so much to pitching that has to be natural for you to get the most out of your body. Trying to conceive “perfect” mechanics based on what works for others is just counter productive to me.

first of all you can change your arm angle very easily and pitch from any one you want to. do you think submarine pitchers were born like that. masterson has some of the nastiest stuff. im sure he could throw harder from a higher angle but his ball would be straight. have you ever seen how much movement he gets. hes a sinkerballer and a double play machine. everybody has a natural arm angle but its very easy to pitch from a different one. anywas can anyone make me a clip of him? thanks

[quote=“kelvinp”]i dont like masterson
with his height i seems he should be able to get more velocity from a higher arm angle

plus he play for the bloody socks[/quote]

What the heck are you talking about? The guy is low to mid nineties, I’ve seen him as high as 95 - 96. Sounds like gas to me. You know how many people throw harder than 96 in the big leagues? Let alone how many people throw 96 on this planet. He’d be in the top 99.99 percentile.

radar guns

i saw a game when he came in off relief and only hit 92
why would he choose a low arm angle when he is that tall

and there at least one or two dudes on every mlb team can hit 95+
plus every or every other college team

How about Randy Johnson He is Six ten and has a similar arm slot as masterson

randy throws 3/4 or sideamr sometimes
plus he used to hit 100mph

masterson throws from like high submarine

masterson throws 95 with a 4 seamer but just usually throw his sinker at low 90s. kelvin once again you dont know what your talking about. why would you want him to have a higher arm angle? have you seen manny delcarmen pitch. he throws high 90s but isnt effective. masterson is a sinkerball pitcher and gets tons of movement on his pitches. im sure his arm angle is hard for batters to pick up to. its not even close to sumbarine he stays on top of the ball its sidearm. shouldnt change anything. any clips of him?

im not talking about it that way
he should have been taught to throw from a higher
manny delcarmen sucks bt look at all the other high 90’s high arm angle combos

masterson cant change it now if he has been pitching like that all his life
bt how many 6’6 guys do you see throw submarine

why does everyone need to throw from a high angle. he has decepetion and movement because of lower angle. ITS NOT SUBMARINE. watch him hes a slinger sidearm. submarine is when you drop down and get under the ball. nobody can throw mid 90s submarine sorry doesnt happen. he could change his arm angle but why would he want to hes effective now. change his arm angle to throw high 90s? dumbest thing ever. ill take his mvoement and deception with his low to mid 90s fastball instead

guess it is side
it looks lower to my when hes pitching
why isnt he a starter
there a fastball and curve or slider grip in these


Again Kev, your a little off here.

A guy throws 92-96 with incredible plus plus above average movement and you want him to change his slot? Your nuts! You’re losing your mind!

And no, not every or even every other team in college has a pitcher hitting 95+. In my four years at a mid-level college program, we not once had ONE player throwing 95+. And we had three teams win atleast 36 games and made a regional, and had several players drafted. Can you imagine if every college had someone hitting 95+??? There would be over 300 first round draft picks! Wow Kelv, you’re way off.

kelv, he was a starter and started acouple games earlier in the year for the sox. but the sox needed bullpen help and turned him into a reliever. there may be alot of guys that can hit 95 once but not to many pitch consistently 95+.

i never said he should change it now
he’s in the majors

gues i just wasnt used to see ing big dudes throw sidearm

[quote=“kelvinp”]i never said he should change it now
he’s in the majors

gues i just wasnt used to see ing big dudes throw sidearm[/quote]

Masterson has more velocity than he lets on, I’ve seen him up around the mid 90’s topping at about 97 with his fourseamer. And how could you say that he should have been taught differently, the guy throws a hard two seamer thats on par with Zambrano’s in terms of velocity and movement.

The man throws a filthy 91-94 mph two seamer with plus plus movement, I don’t think he cares too much what you think in the first place.