Just wondering how this looks

My 15 yr-old son is an above average lefty pitcher, with a phenomenal attitude about baseball and has good grades (i know how important that is) :wink:

He has never had professional pitching intruction. I just don’t trust anybody since I see numerous families blowing money on special instructions for their child with little to zero results.

At a bare minimum I would like this brief video viewed for analysis and feedback from some of you experienced cool-dudes.
Any suggestions, direction or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Your son looks like he could be a successful pitcher but he is making some fundamental mistakes.

  1. His left elbow is too low and too far behind him. I’ll bet he is wild high
    because this doesn’t allow him to get the ball too the delivery position in time. Too keep it simple, have him try to take the ball out of his glove by either going down, back, and up, or straight back. Then just deliver the ball. This will allow to throw on more of a single plane.
  2. Make sure the upper left arm is even with the shoulders, and the elbow doesn’t get below the shoulders.
  3. At foot plant the ball should be in the high cocked position.
  4. Get glove hand equal and opposite position with throwing arm.
    5.Push hard off of rubber
    6 Stride foot should land just to the right of a line drawn from his right toe, when he is on the rubber, to the catcher. This will give his better balance when he lands and stop falling to the right, and allow him to field
    his position better.

He is tall and has excellent external rotation which are good qualities to
have. Have him simplify his delivery is probably the thing that will serve him best. One thing I’ve had my pitchers do is to have them throw from the stretch position just to keep it simple.

Sorry jayluke on #6 of my replay that should be the left toe.


Thanks for the well-advised advice. And yes, you are correct… he does throw too many pitches “wild high” :wink:

It’s amazing how I look at your comments and think “of course! THAT is what he is doing wrong”, thus the reason I come to the experts for advice.

Much appreciated.