Just wanted to say hello

and I look forward to learning from ya’ll and helping everyone as much as I can. I pitched for East Texas Baptist University but never got to roster because I hurt my shoulder diving into 2nd base (SLAP Lesion). I have had surgery and am ready and excited to get back into the game with more passion than I can remember having.

I have always considered myself a finesse pitcher until summer ball before college. I started taking weight training seriously and started to get some velocity of my pitches. I definately feel that is an advantage because I still pitch with a location first mindset.

I would definately consider myself a student of the game and I enjoy looking at the mental aspects of the game as well as constantly tweaking my physical approach.

My favorite baseball books are “Nolan Ryan’s Pitcher’s Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Power, Precision, and Long-Term Performance” and “The Mental Game of Baseball”.

I just thought I would drop in and say hello before I started posting all over the place.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone