Just started pitching today,and suggestion for my mechanics?

Hey all.
I’m a 15 year old boy that just started pitching today, and I looked at some mechanics video for pitching. And, I decided that I wanna try doing some of it, so here’s a video for it. I know you can’t really see my legs, but I think you could if you strain your eyes a little. Sorry again.
I know it’s kinda bad, but yea.


Honestly if your not throwing a ball the true mechanics aren’t seen, and to have best results the full body needs to be seen.

I’m sorry, I’ll post a new video that shows my whole body.
Is it alright if I use a paperball, because I haven’t buy a baseball yet, and I live in a house where there’s no space available for me to throw it, unless I go outdoors.
So, is it alright? x-x

Your probably not going to get the same results as with a real ball.

I’m going to get a baseball after my exam is over which is on next friday, that’s probably the fastest I can get it. I hope I’ll be able to develop my mechanics properly with that, <: