Just started pitching and i need a little advice

ok well long story short i just started pitching again for the first time since i was like 11. i’m 6’6 160 and 17 years old. i have been playing 3rd base and outfield for a long time and my team was getting killed so i asked if i could come in for a mop up role. i pitched the last two innings and struck out 5 of 6 batters and got the other one to ground out. i throw a 4 seam that tops out at 86, a circle change, a 12-6 curve, and a slider. i started working on the circle change and slider after watching my favorite pitchers johan santana and franisco liriano. what i was wondering is what i should be doing right now in the off season to work on my pitching. i love hitting but i want to become a straight pitcher. any off season advice? do i need to gain weight or is it okay to be a tall lanky pitcher?

6’6 and only 170 Id suggest you put a little on, eat protien and get into the weight rooms. Longtoss is a great tool to use. I to am a converted 3rd basemen so i no youve already got good arm strength. Bullpens in the off season are brilliant even if you only throw 15 pitches a day(or equivelent:30 every 2days)

Hopes this helps

According to the folks at the
http://www.nationalpitching.net][u]National Pitching Association (NPA)[/u
, tall and lanky is the preferred body type in MLB. And 6’4" and up is preferred.

You sound like a you’re possibly a late bloomer. If that is the case, then your time to fill out will come. Don’t try to make it happen sooner. Just do some general strength and flexibility training. Don’t short-change the flexibility department!

Finally, continue working on your mechanics.

learn to change speeds

“future kazmir” is right.
My pitching coach used to tell me—and he would often have to tell other pitchers he worked with more than once—“Move the ball around; high, low, inside, outside, and change speeds.” One of the worst things a pitcher can do is fall into a particular pattern, because when that happens the batters can pick up on it very quickly and sit on a particular pitch. So you need to mix up your pitches and your speeds—keep the batters off balance. A good way to practice this is to get a good catcher and have him position his mitt in various spots, and you pitch to those spots with the idea of getting the ball smack-dab into the pocket of the mitt. I used to do this a lot when I was a little snip, and even later on I would do this from time to time.
Also, you have some good pitches there—you might consider making one of them a devastating strikeout pitch, if you haven’t done so already, and use your other stuff to set it up. 8)