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  • After moving into a new clubhouse, I hear one of our players say, “ Alright, this is more like it!” “Look at all these showerheads!” The last clubhouse had only three shower stalls and it took forever for the club to shower down and clean up. Just then I hear another player say … “ hey look, they’re all approved by the fire marshal!” “ Now that’s a class act!” As it turned out, they were all looking at the sprinkler system. I thought to myself, “ Oh well, let-em enjoy it while they can.”

  • One of my pitchers, rocking back in a folding chair in the bullpen, picked up a ticket stub from the ground and turned it over and read the backside. He then proceeded to read it out loud and say’s, “ hey, get this… “ not responsible for actions or causes as a result of attending this event.”
    After getting literally shelled, during his call as a reliever that night, he thought it would be a touch of humor to try that one on our skipper while sitting in the dugout. So, doesn’t he read the ticket stub out loud Our skipper told him that he wanted him to go directly to his office after he showered, because he wanted to have a serious talk with him. “ Be sure you’re there at 9pm, door shut and waiting for me, we’re gonna have a talk” he was told. So, like clockwork, there he was at 8:45pm, sitting in the visitor’s head coach’s office with the door closed. At 9pm, the club was on our bus heading back home, with funny boy still sitting in an office, with the door closed. When someone asked, “ hey, where’s so-n-so?” Without hesitation, our skipper said, “ Don’t know…not responsible for actions or causes as a result of attending that event.” No one, and I mean no one, ever pushed the buttons with that man again.

Coach B.

That’s a great story Coach B.