Just released after labrum surgery

My 17 yr old had labrum surgery at the end of march.After this week he will be done with the throwing program that the surgeon gave him.Went last fri to dr and got a full release.He has been lifting 3 days a week.My question is now that the throwing program is done should he just long toss with the rest of the team and wait till they start the team pitching or should he continue to long toss and throw bullpens at least a couple times a week?Dont want to burn him out,but he’s in good throwing shape right now.Thanks

If he got a full release from the dr. he should be fine to go and he’s done with the throwing program so I would give it a shot. Plus he’s 17, he’s a big boy if he feels discomfort or anything wrong he should be smart enough to shut it down.

If he got a full release he should start long tossing or other high-intensity throwing to tolerance as best he can.

He has been long tossing every other dayand is throwing I think its 60 pitches now at full.he is now starting breaking pitches.I was thinking long tossing atleast.3 times a week and one bullpen a week.thankfully that he has has had no pain since the surgery.never
Took any painpills.his surgeon was trained by Dr.Andrews and has been very impressed with his recovery.a few times he threw the same as the time before because his arm was tired but no pain.

If he is just now starting to throw breaking pitches, then it sounds like he needs to keep up with the bullpens to continue working on his secondary pitches at a pace that is to his tolerance. Don’t let him get into a situation where he has to increase his load dramatically because the team pitching starts up. Let him start now and gradually increase the load at a pace that works for him.