Just ordered TuffCuff

Hey everyone i just ordered TuffCuff what should i buy at my local sports store? I know a med ball but what weight? and nething else i need?

It depends on your situation with the gym/area you are going to be working out at. For example, a physioball is needed, but for me my gym has that so i don’t need that. This is the same as far as weight training equipment goes. Update us on the area you are working out at and then we’ll be able to answer the question better.

i will be working out at my home

What equipment do you have there?

well nothing like i dont have a med ball or physioball so could you tell me what i need?

Well i definitely recommend a medicine ball. Physioball - If you don’t have the money for it, I feel like you can go without it. However, if you do have the money, it’s always a good thing to have. Now, obviously you’re gonna need some dumbbells for a lot of excercises. I also recommend some kind of pull-up bar to substitute for the lat pulldowns which has been recommended countless times on this site.

If you want the simplest, then that is really all you need. You can use dumbbells for many excercises. However, to really maximize your results I would really recommend maybe getting a squat set-up.

However, if at all possible, I recommend joining a local ymca or gym. Also, if your school has a workout facility, that would be ideal as it is free and should definitely have all the equipment you should need.

Husky - I am probably forgetting some things you need. I greatly recommend PMing Steven Ellis as he will definitively tell you everything you need. He responds quickly as well.

My Parents bought me one for christmas this year don’t they don’t know I know what else could the possible prder from The Complete Pitcher INC … Call Of Duty 4

This is the full list

Medicine Ball
Elastic Tubing
You can replace the machines with: dumbbells medicine ball etc
Stackable Steps
Jump Rope.

Many arnt all needed and can be replaced. Like said the equitment must needed is Medicine Ball, Dumbbells and Tubing.

wait so there isn’t any like weight training involved in the program? how can you do the weight training stuff without machines?

That’s where having a gym membership comes in handy!

weight traning exercises that says to be used on a machine that can be replaced

calf raise - replaced by using dumbbells or barbell
leg extension - can be replaced with deadlifts or glute ham raises
leg curl - can be replaced with type of squat or lunges
leg press - can be replaced with squat
lat pulldown - can be replaced with with a pull up bar
seated row - replaced with elastic bands
tricep pushdown - replaced with elastic bands

This is where marketing has really messed with perception. Money is made marketing “high tech” fitness machinery.

It’s hard to market a 7 foot barbell, some iron plates and an 11 guage steel rack used for lifting. It’s pretty simplistic.

Machines are rarely a necessary outside of a physical therapy application. Sure they are utilized by many, but I don’t think a machine exercise exists that I couldn’t make up a substitute for with a pair of dumbells and a rope and something to throw the rope across (tree branch, etc)

When you do a totally free weight session after having used machines your definition of hard, pain, sore, and pumped will all change. Change for the good no less.

The world of sports is all about using the body as a whole unit, why should we be training it as a bunch of small parts?

I’ve added 30lbs of mass of “lean” mass in 6 months and have not done a machine exercise in over a year.

I mean man, I’m talking to a chick I go to school with right now, she does squats, lunges, and deadlifts… please if a cheerleader can do them, there’s no reason one shouldn’t be doing them. I mean everyone should in reality.

can u name some of the weight training exercises that are in the program?