Just need some inspiring words

Lately I have been feeling down. A bit depressed actually. I just can’t seem to get the thought of inadequacy out of my head. I know this kind of attitude will get me nowhere, but I am a realist. I can’t keep lying to myself. If anybody has some inspiring stories or words of wisdom that you wouldn’t mind sharing, please do. Thank you and I wish everyone luck this spring.

So why do you “feel” inadequate…has someone told you, you were?
If it’s how you’ve measured yourself then how did you determine it?
Just look at the statement above…I think you are very intelligent but perhaps maybe just a bit too “smart”.
Look man all we can do is our best…but to acheive “your best” you have to apply effort…there is a reason that the cliche “Idle hands are the devils hands” exists…sitting around or even playing vid games all day will leave you empty and searching…just watching tv all the time, alone is unproductive (Unless you’re watching The Freak win the WS :smiley: ). The human soul needs challenge, it needs to be broadened…help a favorite teacher after school, volunteer to help younger kids learn about baseball or anything else you know…and IF you don’t “know” anything else…set a goal to learn…man I could tell you some stories…make it a goal to have your own collection of stories…
Set goals…then set about acheiving them…do it daily and do it religiously…guess what…you’ll find you have no time for sitting around getting “feelings” and just maybe you’ll be able to help some other poor schmuck who falls into that trap…
Now square up that cap and carry on smartly.

I was talking to my wife while on the road and I asked her about this-in-that, and after the usual small talk she said there was a little girl in our area that had a kidney transplant. The youngster had complications and passed away. My Mrs., being an RN, knew the social worker and the nurses on duty that took care of the girl, all were going to pay their respects, and my Mrs. went also.

The next morning I was loading up on our bus when a young man in dirty clothes, badly in need of a hair cut and a bath, came up to me and wanted to bum a few bucks to eat. I gave the young man the option of having breakfast with me - or - go elsewhere. The young man turned away, walked over to another coach and again asked for some money to eat. The other coaches weren’t so polite.

As I watched the young man walk down the dirt road along side our motel, I couldn’t help but think how unfair life is. Stuff happens.

So look, without sounding hardnose - ya got working kidney’s, good!

Now you take it from there.

Coach B.


Nobody told me I was inadequate in such kind words, but what is said on the field stays on the field. I am not a slacker. I always work hard at whatever it is I do, it is physical ability that made me obsolete. And I realize now that even though I am far below the physical ability of my teammates, I can still perform just as well, if not better because of my limitations. I have the element of surprise, and my former injury allows me to pitch in ways that would most likely hurt others’ arms.
Time to make me some grape juice :wink:

Thank you

Talon Herbert

Well now that is just about random there fella…
Good for you! Go take on the world.

Kevin Cravey was cut from the Texas A and M baseball team as a junior.
After 2 years out of baseball, he decided to give it one more try. He spent several weeks with Ron Wolforth working hard and smart. He subsequently got a try out and was signed by the Florida Marlins.