Just need some help


Well hey guys, i am a 16 year old pitcher. I am 6’5 and I weight 234. How much do you think I should be throwing ?!


What do you mean by how much? How often should you be throwing? How fast should you be throwing? Something else? The answer to just about any question will be “it depends” so if you could clarify the question and also add further context it would help get the info you’re after!


Well how fast I should be throwing.


There is no right answer for that. Genetics is a big factor. Same with maybe Pedro Martinez. No way he should have thrown as hard as he did…but he did. You would have to share some video.


Take a look at this chart. Hope it helps you with your question.



Thanks top gun


You are most welcome- Good luck.

How fast are you throwing now? Maybe we can help you throw harder if you post video to give us a look -


WELL I am 15 and I am throwing 84, I will check and see if I have some video