Just need help!

I’m the gullible person in the world right now. I’ve been talking to RIstar on AIM and he’s feeding me crap like “pitching coaches teach you to throw only with your arm” i don’t find that to be true. He’s been trying to tell me the only way i’ll make it to the next level is by trying to throw Lincecum. And all this other BS. He somehow brain washed me to thinking I’ll never make it to the next level and he’s better then any other pitching coach. He’s got me to the point where I can’t even make a discussion about pitching without consulting him first. I need some help just sticking to one thing and keeping it that way. I keep changing my mechanics over and over like every day or so. I just need some motivation to stay on one thing and one thing only. So somebody please just help me.

Alright, Now this coach might be right about how some coaches teach only to use their arms. But i don’t think you should copy Lincecum. You will gain velocity but will lose control. I tried a couple weeks ago before I gave up because I had now idea where the hell the ball was going. But however Lincecum has good mechanics but in my mind he is the most extreme pitching motion needing alot of talent to perform. I would start out and try out like a Greg Maddux style delivery. Nice and smooth and then make some adjustments until you find your delivery.

Keep your head up everybody loses faith sometimes.

but he isn;t a pitching coach. He used to post on this site

Good evening, futureKazmir.
I have no idea how you got mixed up with this character who calls himself a pitching coach but who, in fact, knows as much—or as little—about pitching as Aunt Flabby—but my advice is simple and direct. Get rid of him! You need to find a real honest-to-goodness pitching coach who can and will work with you to get you squared away, and the first thing that needs to be done is to help you find your natural delivery, whatever it is. And then the next step is to help you get your mechanics in order.
If only guys like Ed Lopat and Johnny Sain were still with us; they were probably the two best pitching coaches to be had anywhere. I’ll never forget Lopat; the first time I met him was when I just wanted to ask him something about the slider, and he drew me aside and showed me how to throw it. I ended up working with him for some three-and-a-half years, and he was unbelievable; his basic premise was that every pitcher has a natural motion, and what he would do would be to help said pitcher make the most of it. I was a natural sidearmer with a consistent release point, and he showed me how to take full advantage of it.
You might try contacting the NPA for some suggestions as to finding a good pitching coach. They’ve been moving their location to Los Angeles because Tom House is now the head pitching coach at USC, and he’s sure to have some ideas. Tell them what you’re looking for, and they’ll find what you need. Best of luck to you. :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher:

Kaz, what is it that"makes you listen to him"?
I feel like you’ve made progress and learned quite a bit. Ristar can’t even keep his act together, changes his mechs like I change my undies…heck sometimes several times in one day…Now he’s on to Lincecum…why? Well because poor Lincecums dad was nice enough to actually dialog with him. We shall see how long that lasts…He has been invited off of other sites because…well he’s a basket case. I think you get good help and friendship from the folks on our site…just take a second and get a breath. Think about what he says and what he recommends…it just never makes real sense…One of the reasons he doesn’t post here anymore is people don’t let him get away with his statements…so what he does is try to get people over and chat so hes not held responsible for his statements…this is scarey…really whacko and you should distance yourself from that as far as you can. Think about it…when folks have positive helpful things to say on this site, they aren’t attacked, they are supported…he never gets support for the stuff he spouts.
Just look at this statement:

Do you ever hear Roger or Coach Baker or DM say anything so stupid? So obviously he’s once again completely wrong…

How bout: [quote]“the only way i’ll make it to the next level is by trying to throw Lincecum”[/quote]
The truth is NO ONE is making it to the next level right now throwing like Lincecum…You’ve seen video of Andy my son…does he throw like TL??? He’s going to the next level…what about that…you have personal knowledge that this statement is completely bogus.
I saw Roger and DM spend so much time attempting to help him and he just turned on them…why? Well 1 he isn’t a very good pitcher…2 he is a worse pitching coach and 3 like I said he is a total nut job.
Kaz you have to grow a set, you are old enough and smart enough to be your own person. This is something you’ll have to address with your own will power…but we’ll be pulling for you.

RIStar was a poster here who was driven away. He’s 16 years old. And honestly he knows a hell of a lot about pitching. Kazmir you can really benefit from RIStar but you have to keep yourself in control. He’s the first guy I go to with my mechanics. He knows a lot but you need to get the point across to him that your not going to be like Lincecum and get him to anlyze you with traditional mechanics. Just say that and he’ll help you out. He’s smarter than you guys think and he could talk pitching all day.

Before I posted my first 100% video here he analyzed it and said word for word some of the stuff that the mods told me. Like holding the glove out longer and not opening my shoulders early.

If you talk to him he will make sure you don’t use all arm and he can really help you out. YOU have to be smart enough to know whats the limit. Don’t throw like Lincecum. RIStar is addicted to pitching if he were to choose to talk to you about not being like lincecum or not talking at all he would rather talk about traditional mechanics. Just listen to some of the stuff he says and if you question it then come here. Get it across to him that you aren’t copeing Lincecum and best of luck with him donig it. Tell him to prove all of us wrong. But keep your traditional mechanics. He has helped me out more than anyone could think.

I’m going to get bashed but I’m standing behind what I think. You just have to be smart enough Kaz.

Thanks for support guys. The reason i listen to him is he knows more about mechanics then any pitching coach in my area. My area isn’t know for baseball. I need to find a pitching coach who knows alot about proper pitching mechs and has a reasonable price. you guys know anyone in Albany, NY area

If you can’t find anyone Kaz don’t shy away from doing it yourself. I’ve learned more than enough in a couple days to last me a couple weeks of practicing. I’m going to keep posting my mechanics here. I just feel that you might not have the resources I have, my brother is a catcher a year younger than me and my parents are landscapers making it easy for me to build a mound. But with a job and a little money you can get a good backstop I can recommend for 100 bucks. Not the cheesey ones with a catcher on it they don’t last long. Its black with an orange square around the zone. And baseballs aren’t very expensive and if you had enough that could be good for you. You can also build a mound for very cheap. I gave instructions in a previous post maybe I can dig it up for you and you can build one. Its all out of wood and not very expensive.

You have every right to think what you think…I’ll back you all day long Bower…I would point out many many indicators that you are incorrect but you obviously have made up your mind so…Bless you and lets all move on.
I’m not comfortable with “bashing” but using our site like he does makes me angry (PM’ing people to get them to discourse off site isn’t what this is supposed to be all about…and look how hes messing with Kaz…it ain’t right and I’ll always speak out against things like that).

I know enough to know whats right and wrong. Its hard for you guys but when I first came here RIStar was for the most part normal before he did rediculous mechanical changes. Then the Dick Mills phase. Well we styaed pretty close for an internet friend. Usually once in a while for just mechanics and all that.

But you know me I love to talk pitching. This summer I’ll be busy all day one night and nothing another day so sometimes I post all day here inbetween working out or going to swim somewhere but some days this is all I want to do. Its easy I can play all day too with my brother.

Just someone who loves pitching too. A little too much at times.

I think i might just not think about baseball for a couple weeks because right know I just can’t think straight. But i love the sport with a passion and I really want to play at the professional level but right know I can’t stand the sport. Its gonna be hard for me because right now baseball is my life, all I think is baseball. “What was the score?, How many pitches did this guy throw?, I wonder if I do this will I get better break on my curve?” I just live baseball even though nobody around here likes baseball, my friends who play baseball live a ways away so I can’t hang out with them, my dad hates playing catch with me, my parents haven’t been to a single one of my games since I was 6 and playing T-ball. It’s just really hard for me to shoot for a goal when no one is there to support me. Its just very frustrating. I hope I gain my love for the game back.


Oh no Kaz! I hope you come back soon. Hey any way you can get a job umping for a little league team? That way you could gain enough cash and maybe you could get a nice setup for playing with yourself. I know its not fun but if you can’t play with anyone else its a lot better than nothing. And you don’t have to worry about anyone else its all you.

Good luck with everything man.

I wish i could be an ump for some league but I can’t drive yet and my parents won’t drive me there because they hate baseball and don’t support me in anything.

Well you’ll always have support for your dreams right here.
If you need to take a break…take one…don’t be down, we all need one. Our art is all about fun…come on back when you feel it and lets have some fun. Remember this though…all dreams are lonely…you’ll never have any better support than the desire you feel in your heart…Heck my son still gets the “whats he gonna do”? stuff all the time, when if you know him you wouldn’t have any doubt…he’s playin…as you get closer it seems everyone on earth wants to distract you and take your eye off of the prize…it’s why I always say that baseball is desire…remember if Charlie Hustle would have listened to the nay sayers he’d have never have past Cobb…if it’s in your heart like I believe it is…you’ll be here.

Well my parents saw how depressed I looked and I told them my story. So they want to send me to see a psychiatrist to work out my problems. I’m not sure if it will be good for me or not. I’ve seen one before and it didn’t help.


As JD said RIstar changes his mechanics way too frequently. And now it seems he has got you doing the same. RIstar’s problem is that, while he does know lots of things, he lacks experience to apply it. He doesn’t know which things are proper for specific pitchers to try to incorporate into their delivery. He doesn’t know what’s best for long term development.

For you, I’d say you need to get some consistency going. You do need to find an instructor that you can work with on a regular basis. Remember, notonly do you want to have good mechanics but you also want them to be repeatable and that takes consistency.

There are four NPA instructors in New York but I don’t know if any of them are near Albany. You can check
. If you live near the state border, you might also check for an instructor in a neighboring state/city.

Yeah man KAZ, last summer i was getting real sick with my performance and just getting fustrated every at bat. Pitching it kinda helped me :lol: but i wasnt having fun anymore. I ended up hurting my arm (mild strain) torwards the end of the season and decided to just get away from the game. Playing wise. Still had to watch my giants (try to win ) I didnt really play til i got that itch and passion of wanting to play again kinda sounds like brett. and made me hungrier then ever. This game is a weird game .You can love it so much but it doesnt always love you back. Hope this helps i kinda realized this kinda doesnt go with ur story but i thought it might help lol. Oh and i believe in you man. I think anybody who actually takes the time to sign up for this site and is willing to learn all this useful information and is making an attempt to make there game better has the chance to go PRO. Think about how good itll feel to go back to those ppl who didnt believe in u and say i made it. Im playin a game i love for a living :wink:

yo Kaz, this happens to me on occasion. Sometimes I’ll have a really bad bullpen or my arm will be sore or something and I’ll start thinking negative thoughts. I’ll start thinking thoughts like “what if all of this effort is for nothing” or “I’m never gonna make it” and for maybe an hour I’ll be really down on myself. What do I do? I run, I workout, I sleep…anything to clear my mind or unleash my frustration.

But you know what? The second my mind clears I see how foolish those thoughts were, because there really is nothing that can keep me away from this game, or from trying to become the best that I can possibly be. If you love the game it won’t be long before your enthusiasm returns. Hell, it may be a lot sooner than you think.

I don’t think you need a psychiatrist…take some time off and you will eventually feel that fire returning.

Best of luck

Kaz you came to me over the last couple months asking for help. I told you my knowledge on lincecum type mechanics and you seemed to like the ideas around it. I also told you it might not be for you since it’s not for everyone. You did try it once and I commented that I liked the leg lift and motion better. Then for some reason you didn’t like it so you went back. Now I told you I liked the other one but at no point in time did I tell you or force you or feed you bad information.

Like bower said make a decision on what you want to do and stick to it. I’ve learned this lesson very well and for the last 5 months I have been sticking to my mechanics and it seem to be working.

You have to make the decision to listen, ask help and pick out what you like and don’t like and you did like my ideas about lincecum so I keep helping you with everything I know.

I think you should take a break from LTP just like I had to get my mind straight.