Just my bicep hurts after throwing

I’m 35 years old I picked for a baseball league I throw sidearm my shoulder and elbow feels great after I throw but my biceps starts throbbing I’m a hundred fifty pounds 5 foot 9 I have a small frame I’m just wondering why my bicep hurts so much after I throw what part of my mechanics could I be doing wrong to cause that I usually throw in the mid eighties I’m not looking to go pro I just would like the pitch in this league for the next nine years or so and i dont wanna join any softball league around here lol so if you can help at all I would appreciate it[/youtube]

It’s called “Getting Old” :lol:

Seriously, though - I’m no medical expert by any means - just asking questions so that maybe some of our resident experts have a little more to go on.

Is it the actual bicep that hurts or the tendons?
Are you doing any bullpens or anything in between starts?
What’s your physical conditioning like?
Are you icing?

yea yea I know I’m getting old but no I stay in really good shape always have and its just my bicep that hurts it throbs for about 2 hours after I throw hard as I can. then it just feels like you worked out the muscle after about 3 days pain goes away completely for warmups I do stretching for about 30 minutes between the arms and then I’ll get on the mound and throw about half speed for about 30 minutes then I’m usually ready to get on the mound and start pitching no I do not get to ice my arm after games I’ve been told on my slowing down of my arm motion what causes the bicep to hurt like that that I might not be doing it properly we’re just a put together baseball league so we dont have pitching coach is there anybody to help I wish I could figure out how to send a video to someone can analyze it and tell me what I might be doing wrong