Just got clocked


Thats the radar gun they used but theres two catches:

  1. It was from like 35-40 feet away

  2. It was off flat ground and I didn’t warm up (so 1 of the 12 throws felt kinda funny [it was the 2nd to last throw I think])

Just wondering if the throws would still be accurate even though it was from like 35-40 feet away. And it was clocked at 78 as the highest :frowning: . The throw that felt kinda weird was at 73 and all the others were 76-78. I did go to the batting cages which had a radar gun thing which was also 35-40 feet away but i didnt use baseballs and they all came up as 67-68 so I hope the other readings were accurate. I’m 16 and 97 days old (just figured that out…yeah I don’t have a life) and 5’6" i always thought it was 5’4" but I was wrong its 5’6" which still isn’t tall. And I’m 150 pounds (or a little less)

Radar guns can be iffy. Most readings are at release. By the time the ball gets the plate, on a 60’6" mount, it will lose about 8 MPH. So it doesn’t matter how far you threw it. It measured at release. But if a gun got a funky reading, it probably picked up the ball sometime after release. Those readings you got seem valid.

Ill vouge(spelling) for the loss of 7-8 MPH on a pitch…i dont know if it would be that much on the 70-80 range. But a guy did a study on his 90+mph fastball and it would lose that much.

I found this all on one guys site from UofIllinois Physics of Baseball page. He had tons of useful study’s on his site…recommend you do a google search.