Just got back from the Dominican Republic, Lots of Baseball

Dave’s 15u travel baseball team and I just got back from the Dominican Republic. What an excellent trip. The teams focus for the trip was to play the best Dominican teams there were including the 16u National team that is going to play in the Pan Am games. The team also put on Baseball camps for the 8-10yr old Dominican kids, as well as performing manual labor for a mission to help improved some severely poverty stricken communities. We were scheduled to play 8 games total, but due to weather and team fatigue (we only had 9 players total) we cut the games to 6 games in 5 days. 2 double headers in a row, a day off, then a 9 inning game each of the next 2 days, ended up with a 3-3 record and only losing by 1 run to the National team that included many 17, 18 and 1 19 yr old they were showcasing for a Dominican scout for the Cleveland Indians. Talk about a ton of well played baseball games, it was truly exciting to watch.

Dave pitched extremely well keeping the teams ay bay for the most part. He gave up 4 runs in 3, 3 inning appearances, including pitching after doing heavy rock moving for 3 hours to build a retaining wall. He played 2nd base against the national team and had 12 put outs.

Got to meet Luis Polonia and played at his academy field. We were supposed to meet Pedro Martinez on Saturday, but the game got rained out, tried to wait but our schedule made us leave, and we missed him. Got to take a tour of Bartolo Colon’s Baseball field and academy in the mountains of the Dominican.

The Dominican scout had asked me if Dave will be coming back next year when he turns 17, because he would like to see him again. I guess that means I better start saving again for another trip to the Dominican

Very very cool!

Sounds like a great experience! Good for you!