Just Don't Get The Legs

Flat out just don’t understand how the legs are used in the delivery. I watch tons and tons of video of mlb, college, and high level high school players, and I just can’t figure out what the movement is with the back leg. Do you think about bending and sitting on the back leg as your front leg naturally extends out? Or is it a total body pushing sideways type of movement with a pretty stiff (firm) back leg? Or is the focus more on the front leg extending to get the hips open? Too many thoughts to sort out right now, would love some assistance.

The primary role of the legs is to transport the hips. It’s confusing because of so many theories and cues that muddy the water. Maybe this link will help, www.baseballthinktank.com/pitching-drills-throwing-with-the-lower-body-is-hip/

Glad you chimed in Lantz, I’ve been reading your site and like the drills. The only thing I don’t get with those is, when I watch video of pros and others, I feel like they don’t achieve that tension of the hips that you show by showing the bottom of the sole of the shoe, etc. When I do your drills, I feel the tension in the hips, but my lead leg doesn’t extend or get out in front at all. But when I watch pros and such, their lead leg seems to reach out to some degree.

Good point.Keep in mind with the drills, that’s exactly what they are drills. Many times it requires an over exaggerated movement and thats what those drills are designed to do, the goal is to create awareness. By showing the bottom of the sole of the foot it does a few things:

  1. Keeps front hip from opening and allows back side to be dominant.
  2. counter balances the head and allows the body to rotate around the spine and front hip more effectively.

I would also think that it’s not so much about the legs as it is the center mass, that’s what separates pitchers is the ability to control that area.

I would also recommend that with every drill you keep the focus singular, what is your goal for the lower body? Are you trying to emulate someone?

Look at the videos in the Bauer discussion. He’s making a change that’s very similar. You will see that he’s leading with a partial sole of the foot versus the sweeping action

Again, there are so many ways to accomplish the same thing. Maybe you should focus on the hips moving faster and allow the distal (legs) to become a product of what the hips are doing. Make sense?

I think I got it. The way I’m thinking of it after that is that you just want to move your hips sideways towards the plate and then whatever the front leg does will just happen naturally so when the time comes it will just turn and plant on its own? Hope that makes some sense.


When moving the hips though are you thinking pushing them out as top half stays over back leg or is it like a drifting motion where the upper half stays over the hips / center of mass the whole time?

I HATE the term push, I don’t see it that way. I think Project the hips not drift or push. The key is getting the hips to move at the highest speed possible. For rotation to occur, the spine has to stay connected to the center mass.

ThinkTank - was just going through some video. Is this video a good illustration of the concept of moving your hips and the legs becoming a byproduct? Cole is one of the hardest throwing starters in the minors and he makes it look easy. His front leg seems to just hang from his front hip as he moves away from the rubber.

Thank you for this. My son has been struggling and turning his front foot in and just doing that drill was the perfect recipe for what he was doing wrong.