Just curious

just out of curiousity, how fast do you throw if your a pitcher and how old are you??

Im 14 5’5" 125 lbs. I throw upper 60’s

16 5’9 Low to Mid 70’s.

I’m 15, 5’11’’ and I throw in the mid 80’s.

Tanner–Just wondering what your fathers name is. I think in another thread you said he played MLB ball.

His name is Gregg Lorenz- he played for the Reds

Did he play a full year? Because if he did he would be here
, and he isn’t. Maybe it’s wrong but I don’t think it is. It could be incorrect I don’t know for sure. What years did he play?

tanner, i remember seeing your dad pitch a few times, and i know the guy who runs baseball-reference.com. i’ll email him and get your dad’s name and career added to the site. i’ll do it for baseball-almanac.com as well.

I just turned 15 and i throw mid 60’s with a nasty change.

Stephen do u have aim ?

If u do pm me it .

And if u dont mind how do u throw that hard what did u do to be able to throw that hard ???

wow, its great to meet someone that saw my dad pitch, cause he was really good til he hurt his arm, hopefully they do put him in there, but hey bro, do u have msn or aim, itb be cool to talk to someone that has seen my dad pitch, did u kno him??

5’10"ish 182, i throw mid 70’s to 80.