Just a thought

Why when people disagree with each other feel the need to personally attack each other? How come no one in these arguments can be mature and just say what they say and not worry about what others have to say and realize that everyone is going to have different opinions and they are probably not going to change anytime soon?

They don’t realize that both sides rarely ever give evidence to support each other.

If someone wanted to change my opinions I sure wouldn’t want to believe what they say when they yell and curse at me…If they were mature and gave me evidence I might even consider changing my logics, but that’s just me.

I wholeheartedly agree, and hopefully a certain few people will read this thread…

Yea but this thread being so far down most people won’t see it.

Especially when they’re so preoccupied arguing.`

Yea that too 8) :shock:

why complain?

its entertaining

No it’s really annoying.


This site has been pretty good about promoting open communication and that is one of its strengths. But that starts with the participants being disciplined and always taking the high road. There will always be people who don’t know alot about pitching asking beginner questions. There will always be new people joining the site asking questions that have already been asked a bagillion times before. There will be people who post a bunch and people who mostly lurk. And there will be people who post things others don’t agree with. It’s all good! 8) It’s just the nature of the Internet beast. But it’s how we get exposed to differing opinions, it’s how we learn, and it’s how we help others. Let’s all continue taking the high road.

Yea but some people don’t like to take the high road and would rather cuss everyone out and I’m not a pacifist lol or against any kind of anything just when I joined this forum it was peaceful a little disagreement here and there but I think some of these people should take their little disagreements elsewhere. Especially when they’re not helping anyone else while expressing their thoughts.