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Hey guys,

Have not been here for a while, but last time you guys had some good input. My son is 11yo and plays almost year around. He was asked to help out a team for one tournament and said OK. He played mostly outfield, but was asked to start a game. While warming up he said his bicep muscle was a bit sore, a 2 out of 5 on his scale. Nothing in the elbow or shoulder, just the muscle itself. He pitched 2 innings, but the coach did not want to risk it. I felt OK with it, since it was not a sharp pain and not in either joint. His warmup consisted of playing catch, shagging some fly balls in the outfield and then going to the bullpen. I was not watching him (some buddies were hanging out and I went to have a beer with them), but he seemed to be following his “normal” routine. The one thing I have noticed is that he has not learned to start throwing easy then start to ramp it up as he warms up. He usually starts throwing at 80 to 90% right away. Also, there was no long toss before all this that I saw. He has pitched throughout his regular season and never experienced this He has thrown as may as 75 to 80 pitches in a 7 inning game, but only twice in a 16 game season, so I don’t think his arm is overworked. He has been doing some band exercises at the instruction of his pitching coach, but nothing else like light weights or anything like that. Since it is in the muscle itself, should I be concerned. I would be a little more likely, actually a LOT more likely, to tell him to stop if it was in the shoulder or elbow, but this is the first time he has had any pain at all. Is long toss on his days off a good idea?

Thanks guys, he is only 11 and I don’t want to see him cut short his time playing because of something that can be worked out now.

Also, he does not throw any curveballs or any breaking pitches at all. I told him, when he can shave, he can throw a curve ball. He has gotten by on fastballs, changeups and pitch location and mechanics.

Thanks again for any input you can give me.


Post some video so we can look for mechanical issues that may be causing the bicep pain.

Otherwise, your son should not be playing year-round in my opinion and in the opinion of ASMI:

I will see what I can find. His pitching coach has been taking video of him from when he started about a year ago. I should edit my post to say he usually has a month or so off between his league team and his summer ball team. Also, his summer team ended in Jan of this year and his league did not start until April, so the breaks are there. But he was asked to help out this weekend. Also, he does not pitch much for his summer team, maybe an inning or two a weekend, if that. But his league team used him once a week for about 50 to 60 pitches. He has been playing center field his summer team, so throwing is not much. Like I said, this is the first time he has had any pain at all. It was cold and I don’t think he warmed up enough, or started throwing too hard before he was warm. That has been an issue for him.

Thanks though, I will see if I can get the video from his coach so you guys can take a look.

I also watched the video for Jaeger Long Toss, and am wondering if that is a in between games type thing to do?

Thanks again for the reply, I appreciate it.

I tell my son, the MOST important thing for a pitcher is proper warm ups. 50% 70% 80…

I have told him that as well, but when he is with his team I am not the coach. I have tried to get him to realize that 100% right away is not good, but he has not quite gotten it yet.

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

I have told him that as well, but when he is with his team I am not the coach.

I can relate to this. Had a coach that for some reason did not get pitchers warmed up before going into game. All kids got typical 10 or so pitches on mound before start of inning. Talked to my son & talked to coach to no avail. Coach for some unknown & odd reason just didn’t believe in or understand importance of warmups. Finally solved issue by talking to him privately and politely letting him know I would no longer allow my son to pitch if he was not warmed up prior to game. No further issues except had to “remind” coach when he often forgot. Other kids did not get proper warmups although mine did.

bicep pain is a deceleration problem in general. (after the ball is released , the arm is slowed down)

Thanks to all who replied. My son has pitched a few innings in a few games recently and has not experienced any pain at all. So I will chalk it up to maybe a bit of muscle fatigue or growth.

Maybe a little of both.
It is absolutely essential for a pitcher to be thoroughly warmed up before entering a game. If you’ve ever noticed, in the major leagues when a pitcher has to come into a game in a hurry because of something like an injury to the starter—and this happens, unfortunately, more often than one would like—the replacement pitcher is allowed as much time as s/he needs to get good and warmed up. I remember, many years ago, when I had to come into the game in the top of the seventh because our starter had run into trouble—it developed that he had a very nasty blister on his pitching hand, couldn’t even get a good grip and had to leave the game. I had informed my manager in the bottom of the sixth that I suspected a problem and had been warming up since then. This was, by the way, the first chance I had to see how my newly acquired slider would work. So here I was—top of the seventh, facing a pinch-hitter with the bases loaded, one out, and our lead had been cut from 6-0 to 6-4. Well, I got that pinch-hitter on three sliders in different places (including the crossfire for strike three), and the next one on four pitches, and I got our side out of what could have been a disastrous inning.
The other thing: your kid is 11, right? On the edge of entering puberty, and he is sure to have at least one growth spurt, maybe more, in his teen years—so keep an eye on him, and make sure that he has his proper warmup times and doesn’t pitch too much. He should have no further problem with what appears to be just muscle fatigue if he gets the proper rest between mound appearances. (And doing a bullpen session between starts won’t hurt; he can see what’s working for him and what isn’t.) :slight_smile: