Just a few questions

Do you (people in general) throw harder from the windup or from a crow hop (like outfielders)?

Also, what are the chances that I could increase my velocity from 68-72 to somewhere in the 80’s? Im about 6 ft or maybe a tad taller, but im a pretty stocky kid with very little muscle and quite a gut, my body fat percentage is probably pretty high, same with my BMI. I mean im not huge or even “fat” but im not skinny or tone or muscular…I actually look kinda built with just a t-shirt on. Anyways, im 16, 17 in March…so with that being said is it possible for me to reach 80? And how much of a difference would losing weight or converting fat to muscle increase, or possibly decrease, my velocity?

Well i throw 70+ and im 14. And im not the skinniest thing either.
But the weight doesnt matter. Its about your mechanics and leg strength.
Make sure your mechanics are flawless and smooth, and then run, jog, bike, do legs presses, etc. to make your legs stronger. Long toss to. That should speed you up.

sounds like you need to do some training then. If you want to throw hard you have to work hard in most cases. it sounds like u might need some core training. that is where alot of velocity is made. also if you get in better shape you will be able to last longer in games.