Just a few pictures

A few pics of me on the mound…


In motion towards home.

Checking first base.


These are not much, wasn’t taken for any analyzation, but if you see anything in any of these pics that you could point out it’d be nice. Other than that just a few pics of me last week.

So far season pitching stats are 12 IP 22 K’s 4 BB 6H ERA. 1.00 2 Starts, 2 W 0 L 3 Saves. Mind you I’m a Junior. 17. Righty. Average around 76-80. Max I’ve ever hit 82MPH. I throw a Curveball, Fastball, and Knuckleball.

Just let me know what you think, I didn’t mean to waste anyones time if I did. Thanks.

You ever hear of Van, WV highschool?