Junior Year HS Pitching



This is from my junior year of high school. Not really any good clips that you can see. Just two fun ones.

First one the kid fell over on a curve down the middle (still bewilders me, he is a lefty, i’m a righty)

Second one is just a hitter putting a pretty good swing on the pitch :roll:

I’m a sophmore in college now. I pitch for a Mid Major Division I school.

I’m very knowledgeable about pitching/college baseball/ the recruiting process.

Feel free to ask me any question.

how embarrassing

how hard did you throw in high school?

I bet you haven’t seen guys bail and swing that foolishly in quite some time

In high school i gradually changed my entire career.

My freshman year i was probably high 70’s
My sophmore year i was in the low 80’s
My junior year i jumped from low 80’s to consistently 87-88
I had surgery my senior year and did not rehab properly and my velocity was 80-83.

Luckily the recruiting process for most Division I schools takes place mainly your junior year. Haha.

Anyway, entering my freshman year of college i was throwing 86-88 occasionally hitting 90.

This year my sophmore year, we just concluded the fall and ive been anywhere from 82-91. I am struggling with consistency and it may be an arm slot problem.

I have not seen hitters bailing out or not swinging with a purpose since high school. Division I is a completely different world. 1-9 is a #4 hitter from a good high school team. Speed of the game is dramatically different.

Any more questions feel free to ask me.

What kind of conditioning and stuff were you doing in high school? Did you work on your mechanics every day or did you just naturally throw hard?

In high school all i did was throw hard and hard alot. Everytime i picked up a baseball i threw it as hard as i could.

Once i got a pitching coach at school, i’ve been making strides as a pitcher.

what surgery did you have in high school and what caused your injury

It wasn’t a serious arm surgery like the Tommy John or Shoulder Labrum Surgery,

I simply had a ganglian cist located in my wrist that was about the size of a golf ball. They did a simple incision and removed the cist which was attached to some nerves.

It may have set me back from developing in high school, but when i got to college, my pitching coach quickly turned some things around and led me in the right direction.

where do you play right now? whats ur name? i may of heard of u b4