Junior Varsity or Varsity?

My 14 year old freshman son was told by a few of the varsity baseball players that he was going to be ask to play varsity this year. He is a 6’2 165lbs RH pitcher throwing in the low to mid 80’s, but I am somewhat concerned with how much playing time he will get. Has anyone else had this experience? Can I ask the coach what kind of playing time he will get? If he is not going to get much playing time should he stay with Junior Varsity?

Wait until your high school coach picks his varsity team. If your son’s on the varsity squad ask the coach what to expect. Depending on his skills and the team’s needs he might get alot of playing time. If he ends up on the Jr. Varsity squad, tell him to go out and dominate the competition, fine tune his pitches and be a leader. There’s still three more years and that’s alot of pitches!!!

i personalyl say let your son play varsity but make sure he doesnt get over pitched and let that arm go to waste my brother played varsity last year and he was over pitched and now has minor signs of tendinitus going into his senior year

Thank you for all your comments.

In my experiences (my own, and what I’ve heard from guys playing at several other high schools):

Generally a coach is only going to take a freshman on varsity if he does in fact plan to play him. The whole purpose of JV is to prepare for varsity.

Also, a lot of young guys will often be a “swing-man” or a guy that flips between JV and Varsity depending on personel avaliable and schedules.

For we had some sophmores that were with varsity but received limited playing time. So when there was a JV game and no varsity, they would often play with JV for more time.

Bob Gibson.