Junior in high school 6-3 190 fast ball average is around 87

Those are tremendous stats…are you having any issues?
I really wouldn’t recommend too much tweaking in season. You are really just exactly where you want to be. Work on repeatable mechs, consistant conditioning, plenty of throwing but don’t over throw. 87 as a jr, injury free, with your size?! All good. Just make sure your grades are outstanding and now is the time to be looking for schools you’d be interested in going to…for both baseball and your chosen degree path. This summer can be huge for you also. Pitch as competitively as possible and stay strong for a strong finish your senior year. Now is the time to really dedicate and have a super diet and conditioning program…plenty of rest, skip some late night social stuff in favor of rest, do things that will make a difference and set you ahead and apart.

Nah not any issues, just sometimes my front opens up to quick but other than that everytings fine