Jumping out on drive

I have been working to get more back leg drive recently with pretty good results but as you can see in the video I am losing a lot of power due the fact I am driving up and appear to be jumping. I have poor mobility in my left hip so I’m sure that’s not helping. Am I driving too early or not getting my hip angle low enough or a combo of both and tips drills to work on this would be appreciated.

It actually doesn’t look that bad. Your getting pretty linear and it doesn’t look like your jumping too much. If anything just work on getting just a tad bit more linear… It’s best not to use towel drills for analysis, do an actual pen.

Agree. Post a video of your next pen.

Would you still reccomend them to try to improve mechanics?

This is from yesterday

I personally wouldn’t but many would argue otherwise. If you are seeing gains in velo or better mechanics, keep doing it. I don’t like it to much because a lot of mechanical aspects you have when your doing a real pen change when you do towel drill. It honestly comes down to if it helps you though.

I would fix your inverted w and get better shoulder mobility for better external rotation.

Because of the way you separate your hands and bring both elbows straight up to the height of your head, it creates a timing problem seen further in your delivery at foot plant where your body is too far forward and not centered. So your lower body isn’t as involved in the transfer of momentum/speed. The hand break should be a movement initiated and led by the hands, not the elbows.

Here’s what I mean:


…causes your upper body to be too far forward at stride foot contact as seen here:

The towel drill won’t help your specific issue, but my Full ROM drill w/ 5 lb weights will. Perform slowly! Slowly mimic the arm action of pitching motion. Separate hands down and back by squeezing shoulder blades together and thrusting chest outward. Continue the throwing motion right through your follow through position. Then go in reverse. Be slow and deliberate. Use good form. Repeat.

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thanks, what kind of reps/how often a week should i go for.

Trebeck, get your back knee stabilized under your hip. You are in a pretty good position at your split, other than the fact that your hips and forward movement is leaking away from your backside. As you continue down the hill, your back leg is forced to extend early because your lower 1/2 is gone (look at back knee position you should have a good line from hip to knee to ankle. You have a break in the chain, so you are left only to drive your torso and head forward to get down the hill, cuz your brain is telling you, we have to get out front. Whereas if your backside was under you, you would be able to carry yourself down the hill and maintain a better pelvic angle, riding your lower 1/2 to your foot plant. I agree with the comment of your inverted W, but not to the extent that it is the reason, your lower 1/2 is non existent. Sorry for typos, I am in a bit of a rush. I try and keep it simple. But the deliver starts from our feet. Take care of the lower 1/2 and you will be much further ahead when you begin to work out other needed tweaks.

Here is an updated video from when I threw to some live batters on Monday. I had just done a big squat session day before so my back leg drive was not great but I really focused on having a solid front side and getting better trunk tilt. I got several comments that my velocity was up a few mph from before and I felt like I had good command. Since my last video I have done a lot of hip mobility work to try to drive more linearly, I have also been doing the ROM drill steve suggested and it has cleaned up my arm path some but I think that is going to be a long process.