Jumping Off the Mound


Recently I’ve been making some mechanical adjustments.

I have been working on getting more push and power off the ground. Today I was pitching with a friend and he said “are you jumping off the mound?” I’ve never really noticed it but I was clocked on a radar gun for the first time ever. Currently sitting in 61-66 mph range.

Is this bad?

Here is some video.




Are you asking if you’re “jumping”, or are you asking about your velocity? Or perhaps both?

Your friend’s terminology of “jumping” is like a lot of youngsters who say many things. It’s kind a hard to interpret that kind of thing, even for a simple word like “jumping.” In your video, I don’t see anything close to a jump.


My friend says it looks like I leap towards home when I pitch.


Don’t see you leaping, possibly over striding.


I don’t see you jumping or leaping either, but you are leaving velocity on the table by opening up with your lead foot and drive knee way too early in your delivery.



Steve, I agree 100%. What do you think is the cause and best way to correct?


What can I do to fix this.



The reason why he opens up so early is because when he leads with his hips, he pushes off of his back leg diagonally collapsing the back knee moving it into early rotation. By creating early knee rotation, the front foot opens up therefore leaving velocity on the table.


It all basically starts with your back leg. You have to use ground force correctly to move your body more efficiently (balanced) down the mound. You also have to learn how to torque your hips as you start leg lift. Torquing the hips will also help you lead with the hips properly riding the body down the mound. Pushing off diagonally will only cause your knee to bend in and create early rotation causing you to open up early. This will also cause your your upper body to tilt to far back in your stride. Also, while in your delivery, concentrate on showing part of the bottom of your foot to the catcher driving down the mound. This will also help you remain closed longer. Take a look at the pics below and you can see what I am talking about




Very in depth. Thank you man