Jugs vs Stalker Radar readings

I’ve learned the jugs reading is 2-4 mph faster than the stalker. I’ve been told that TV uses the jugs gun.

you are correct about the 2-4mph on the juggs.

But i am almost positive they use the stalker gun for the major league games.

2-4 mph has not been my experience. I have taken special note at several showcases. Jugs gun next to a Stalker. 90% of the time they have read the same. On occasion, Stalker read 2 mph higher than Jugs and on occasion, Jugs read 1 mph higher than Stalker. I’m not sure why everyone quotes the 2-4 mph difference with Jugs and Stalker, but my experience has been they are very much the same.

FWIW, I have also seen 2 Stalkers next to each other giving different readings by up to 2 mph. I think you are safe going with readings with either.

Recently, I have seen guys using the new Pocket Radar. You have to push a button to activate it and if you are off, the reading will be off, but once these guys got their timing down, they were giving the same readings as the Stalkers. Not bad for $200.

It really makes absolutely no difference, as long as one person isn’t taking readings from more than 1 gun. As long as the same gun is used to measure everyone, how every pitcher relates to every other pitcher measured will be exactly the same.

FI, if you’re using a gun that’s 5mph faster than mine, and on mine P1 is 5mph faster than P2, it makes no difference what yours says. For me P1 will be 5mph faster than P2, and on yours he’ll be 5MPH faster than P2.

Could that be part of the definition of a pitcher throwing a “heavy ball?”

Probably not. A “heavy ball” is a sinker—a two-seam fastball that drops and therefore is useful for getting groundball outs—and the speed is actually immaterial. Some pitchers are faster than others, as we all know, and so the speed of a sinker will vary as it does with any pitch. 8)