at a community college do they ever redshirt a player? if you dont play on a team your first year at a 2 year school but you play the 2nd year whats your eligibility as a freshman or sophmore?


yes they redshirt guys at a community college. If you played only one year then you will be a sophomore the next year.

what about at a D3 juco can they still redshirt players?

As far as I know you can redshirt anyplace you go. They will do that if they don’t see you getting much time at all or if they don’t see you getting any time then they will redshirt you so you have another year to develop. Also if a player was hurt for a considerable amount of time and played some they can also be redshirted.

Im pretty sure there is no such thing as a d3 Juco. d3 and juco are different things. It goes D1 D1 NAIA D3 as far as scholarship money is concerned. Then juco is a whole different ballgame.

theres D1 D2 D3 NCAA schools then there are D1 D2 D3 njcaa schools. they are two separate things.

there are also a bunch of juco leagues that are not part of the njcaa. california league, washington/oregon league are a few that i know arent affiliated with the njcaa, i think there are a few out on the east coast as well.