hey i know this isnt exactly in context to the forum but i was just wondering if anyone out there knows of some of the better JUCO programs in the northeast? im a freshman i played D-1 ball my first semester but unfortunately failed out, im currently taking classes this spring and summer and playing summer ball and i was just wondering where a good place to play JUCO ball next fall in the NE would be?

Send Coach Baker a PM. He is in that part of the country and could probably offer you some suggestions.

i heard that lackawanna college is the #1 JUCO in the country down here in northeast PA

im from the middle of ct and i know that the kids at uconn avery point are just mad ballers. my friends dad went there then on to uconn then pro

i play d-1 ball and a couple guys on my team played at Monroe Community College last year in Rochester, NY. They went to the D-2 Juco world series last year.
Also some guys on my team have mentioned that Brookdale CC in New Jersey is always really good. They said that Rutgers wouldn’t shedule them.
I played JUCO ball in Texas last year so I don’t know too much about the NE JUCO’s. I play ball in the NE now though so this is all stuff that I’ve heard. Hope this helps!