i talked to my pitching instructor and he was all but happy about my decision to commit to a D3 school. He wishes i would have went to a junior college to pitch. it was a dissappointment to hear but is what he is saying true? do more scouts watch JUCO baseball? is D-3 a terrible division to get looked at? any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

Depends on the school

its’ always better to play somewhere rather than no where.

Make the very best out of the situation you are in and don’t worry about stuff you can’t control. Your pitching instructor is a moron…crying over spilt milk is for wiennies…why didn’t he say anything while you were looking a t schools…don’t you pay him for his opinion?

Here is a list of some 2009 D3 draftees…


For anyone to criticize your decision, especially your pitching instructor…well it takes some big cojones!!!

Perhaps he is thinking of himself and would rather tell all his buds all about that kid that he coached into a quality JUCO. D3 just sounds too “academic” for his tastes. My guess is you did some real soul searching before you made this decision and didn’t just pull a name out of a hat. Assuming you made an intelligent decision based on diligent research…my response to him would simply be…en espanol:

[quote]bese mi asno [/quote]:twisted: