JUCO Sophmore moving on, where do you think i can go

So im a sophmore at a d2 juco, i throw a 2 seam fastball (87-90), change-up (75-78) and a slider (80-82). Im 6’1 and weigh 180lbs. My gpa is around 3.6. I’m 19 years old. If your thinking that im lying about how hard i throw because i go to a juco its just because i only threw about 78 coming out of highschool and then hard work and longtoss programs strengthened me. I want to go to a NCAA D2 or D1 but am not sure if that is reasonable, tell me what you think and what you think i should include in my emails to coaches. heres a video.

There is a list of “Past Players” and the four year schools they are attending on your college baseball website. Find them on Facebook and get some information about how they went about transitioning. Use your networking skills. The game is all about who you know. Your coaches should be knowledgeable about how to find a four year. They know your talent level and they should know four year school coaches. There are some programs that are famous for recruiting JUCO transfers - find out which ones. Start at the D2 level and see what the interest is. D1 is likely to be a harder deal to pull off. I’d go where I could play the minute I suited up. Because time is ticking and soon, you’ll be on the other side of the fence watching.

That’s some solid advice Dino.

I doubt too many people think you are lying. All the good JCs in this area have plenty of guys 88+ and 90+ is not uncommon.

If you have those kinds of numbers (and can get people out) then you could play on many college teams in Michigan (since you’re in Michigan).

I would talk to your current coach to see who he has contacts with and be proactive and contact these college coaches yourself.

Grand Valley State (Coach Detellion) is an excellent D2 program. They go deep into the D2 college World series almost every year.

Also Western Michigan (Coach Gernon - D1 program) is a good program with good facilities.

Both are on your side of the state.

Good luck

[quote=“kyleb”]I doubt too many people think you are lying. All the good JCs in this area have plenty of guys 88+ and 90+ is not uncommon.[/quote] i know kyleb, its just some people see “JUCO” and they dont realize that alot of talent is still in those leagues.

My main question is with my velocity and looking at my mechanics is D1 or D2 an option in your eyes, i know its extremely difficult to just see a video and a stat but what is you opinion. As for my coach, he has connections to gvsu and such, but past players have said that his voice doesnt have much leverage when talking to schools.

Your raw tools are marginal for most D1 schools, but your GPA is very good. My guess is that it would strongly depend on your makeup, projectability, pitchability, and just the general availability of transfers at any given place - lots of places may just be full or have a lot of walk-ons. You never know.

Best of luck.


Check out the High School Baseball Web lots of articles and lots of discussions about people in your similar situation over the year’s and currently.

Lots of people there that can help you with some different advice and takes on the subject.

If it were my son asking, I’d be asking him if he really thinks breaking schools into two distinct categories as in, D1 and D2 makes the process any better. What I’m getting at is the decision making process is made up of some real facts that you can quantify and D1 / D2 just gets in the way. I mean, it seems like an obvious question and the answer is supposed to help you focus your energy on the right kind of schools but I’d say that the answer might lead you to overlook some schools that might actually fit.

Instead, what are the qualities you want in a school and a baseball program? Here is where you have to be absolutely cruel with yourself about who you are and what it is you feel your destiny is. This is why giving advice is so hard.

Are we assuming that you do or don’t see yourself playing baseball professionally? Were you draftable but not in a program that received the exposure you needed? Are you looking at a specific degree and getting into the job market in two years? Are you the kind of person that does not have close family ties or can travel distances away from friends and family to attend school? Are your finances a consideration? Do you want to play immediately or can you improve your skills and sit on the bench or in the bullpen? Do you want to play for a dynamic strong personality or is it better for you to be in control of your training? The only questions that are important are the ones that are important to you. You absolutely have to separate utopia from reality. Give it some thought.

some of the best advice i’ve gotten, thanks dino